What Skills Do You Need To Master For SEO Optimization?

Whether it is Google SEO or other search engine SEO, the optimization ideas are all figured out. I have been working on Google SEO optimization, and I will answer from the perspective of Google SEO.

SEO optimization is divided into white and black. It is not recommended to be black here. From the long-term benefit point of view, we should do white SEO, that is, formal SEO optimization.

What Skills Do You Need To Master For SEO Optimization?

Before doing SEO, you must be familiar with the rules of the search engine, and optimize according to what you like. This will be faster and more lasting.

Skills Do You Need To Master For SEO optimization

1. Learn The Layout Of Keywords

Keywords are the content that must be selected first in the crawling rules regardless of how the search engine rules change. Therefore, as long as we work hard on the keyword layout to make the keyword layout reasonable and effective, the website optimization will be much easier. Therefore, we will see some websites on the Internet that have not been updated, have no external links, and do not be friends, but the rankings are particularly good. Then it must be a reasonable keyword layout, which has been favored by search engines.

2. Learn To Fine-Tune The Structure Of The Website. 

Finetuning is to understand some basic div+css. Now, our website is going to be set up much simpler than before. Basically, all of the website construction companies do the production, but the website construction company basically does not have the skills to design SEO optimization when making web pages. This makes us often unable to start after we get a website, so knowing some basic div+css and learning to fine-tune the website structure will play a vital role in the future optimization process.

3. Learn To Be A Qualified Editor

Although search engines are now very strict in reviewing website content, I have to admit that a good title can attract a lot of traffic and clicks, and with the appropriate article content, it is a high-quality soft article. With the help of Pinterest, Line, and other media. it is not very difficult to make a website popular.

4. Understand What A Website Marketing 

No matter what website we do, the ultimate goal is to make a deal. This is also the basis of our website optimization. Therefore, in the future, more and more stations will tend to websites marketing, that is, after customers enter the website through keywords, there is no need to consult The transaction can be concluded. To achieve this, you need big data as a backing, and at the same time, you need to understand the user experience.

5. Know How To Mine Effective Long-Tail Words

Many people know this problem, but there are not many estimates. We just know how to write a longer title when posting an article, and send a longer title when doing external links, and so on. But in fact, this will not play any role in the future. There are two reasons: the first is that Google has weakened the role of external links. the second is that not all long-tail words can bring traffic and conversion. So learning to mine effective long-tail words is what you really should learn.

These five points are the basic knowledge we need to master as SEOer. As long as we grasp the core rules of search engines and optimize a website there is no big problem.

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