Why You Should Use Professional Graphics!

Did you know that one of the few success factors in web copy that converts (other than skillful copywriting, of course) is none other than professional graphic designs?

Why You Should Use Professional Graphics!

Letís think about it...

Do people judge a book by its cover? YES.

Do people judge your product by its looks? YOU BET!

So, when it comes to your prospect reading your sales letter, I am sure you are now inclined to agree with me that presentation MATTERS.

And thatís simply because as mentioned above, in most cases GOOD LOOKS SELL! Of course, there are a few exceptions... like when I had to sell my wife on marrying me. ;) But let's get back on topic...

This is the case as many marketers often report a jump in their conversion rates when switching to better designs. Some even report a boost of as high as 200-300%!

For example, my good friend Aurelius Tjin shared with me how adding professional graphics to one of his web pages increased his conversion rate by 320%.

Of course... in the end, it comes all back to good old split testing, the same way Aurelius did at his site.

Why? Because in some rare cases not using graphics might even be better, but again... you need to split test that with a system like the Add2it Go-To System at: www.GoTo-Pro.com

Unfortunately, not everyone is cut out for designing stunning graphics. And not everyone has the budget to pay designers for top-notch graphics.

But what if there would be a low-cost solution that can be responsible for:

- Saving you money from hiring expensive graphic artists,

- Giving your sales letters and sites a professional look, and

- Sparing you from the graphic designing chores!

How would you like to get your hands on a shipload of professional, great quality graphics WITHOUT having to create them from scratch?

Within minutes you will gain instant access to:

- Over 200 professionally made buttons,

- 63 bullets & arrows,

- 14 seals & badges,

- 37 marketing messages,

- And many more graphics that can help beautify your sales pages and increase your conversion rates through the roof.

Click here to grab them now: http://GoTo-Pro.com/recommends/CAPGraphics

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