Independent Station Novice Tutorial Drainage Article: How to do Google SEO Optimization?

If we say that having a website that meets Google’s requirements is to lay a solid foundation for Google SEO, choosing the right keywords determines the overall difficulty of SEO work. Then TKD tags, content and external links are the key factors that affect the final effect of SEO optimization, so how to optimize these three?

Set TKD label

TKD tags, namely website title (Title), website keywords (Keywords), website description (Description).

Title: The title of the website needs to contain keywords, but it should also be kept concise and concise. The title of the website is very important, and large changes should be avoided later, so novice sellers must be cautious at the beginning of the setting.

Keywords: In recent years, Google has gradually reduced the importance of keywords, so many sellers will choose to give up altogether. If the seller wants to do it, he must pay attention to avoid stuffing keywords, which will only cause counterproductive effects.

Description: The description will appear in the search results, so the description not only needs to contain keywords, but also needs to be attractive.

Our little tips: sellers should modify the TKD label in stages. Large-scale modifications in a short period of time will make search engines think your website is unstable.

Independent Station Novice Tutorial Drainage Article: How to do Google SEO Optimization?

High quality articles

High-quality articles usually meet the following three requirements:

    Basic requirements: fluent reading, no typos, and article descriptions and layouts that conform to the reading habits of consumers in the target country.

    Advanced requirements: Arrange keywords reasonably. If it is a short article of 500 to 800 characters, it is best to control the number of keywords appearing at 4-6 times, and evenly distribute them in each part of the article.

    High-level requirements: The topic selection and content of the article are in line with the needs of the target users or they like to hear and see. Sellers can use question-and-answer platforms, forum platforms, social media platforms, etc. to see what questions the target users often mention, or also You can refer to the content published by competitors

Our little tips: Appropriately adding internal and external links in the article is conducive to the improvement of the weight and ranking of independent websites.

In addition, when adjusting the direction of topic selection in the later stage, sellers need to consider not only the collection situation, but also the page views and bounce rate of the topic selection. The longer the stay time, the more likely conversion will occur, and the more likely it will be judged by Google as a It is a quality article.

High quality chain

How to develop external chain resources?

1. Direct search: Sellers can search directly on Google, social media, forums, and question-and-answer platforms. There will be a lot of external chain resources on them. Of course, the quality is also uneven, so sellers need to carefully screen.

2. Use SEO tools: Sellers can also use SEO tools to find external links, such as Ahrefs, which can check the external links of competitors.

3. Exchange friendship links: Exchange friendship links with high-quality websites that are highly relevant and do not have a competitive relationship. high.

How to publish external links?

1. Select external links: Sellers should choose external links with high relevance, high weight, and high traffic. Of course, external links that meet these three conditions will most likely need to be paid, and there is a certain threshold.

Our little tips: Sellers should avoid choosing low-quality external links in order to increase the number of external links. A large number of low-quality external links will have a negative impact on the website.

2. Effect evaluation: Within 2 to 3 weeks after the external link is released, the seller can search Google for site: + resource site address + (space) + own domain name to check whether the external link is effective.

3. Periodic review and cleaning: After the external link is released, the seller also needs to regularly review the external link. If there is a failure or a decline in the website score, it needs to be cleaned up in time.

The last thing to note is that whether it is an article or an external link, it is best for the seller to fix the publishing frequency. Whether it is a short-term centralized release or a long gap period, it is not conducive to SEO optimization.

The above is the basic strategy of Google SEO optimization. If you want to know the detailed strategy of SEO, you can private message us to learn more!

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