Web Coach Tip: Top 7 Ways to Spice Up Your Website Audio Greetings

So the audio greeting craze has finally caught on.  How can you make your website stand above the rest? Pump up the volume of your audio, of course!

Top 7 Ways to Spice Up Your Website Audio Greetings

Folks have found many different ways to utilize this cool feature, here are a few you can try:

1) Be sure to add a little excitement and sparkle to the tone of your voice.  Pretend youíre telling your best friend about a juicy piece of gossip.  (I especially like my tone when I talk about things I LOVE like my kids or my business)  Donít worry about sounding ìhypedî or ìsalesyî.  Remember to SMILE while you speak ñ you can ìseeî it when you listen.  Practice in front of a mirror ñ donít worry, nobodyís looking!

2) Greeting.  For example, this is your Career Coach Mickey MouseÖ thanks for stopping byÖ(Tell them what to do)Ö ìBe sure to get your free personality type quiz, the signup is on the upper right-hand corner of this webpage.  Youíll is surprised at what you can learn about yourself!

3) Product or Service Review.  Tell a customer you would like to feature them on your website with a testimonial about one of your products theyíve purchased.  Customers love to see their name in lights!

4) Product or Service Description & features.  You know as well as I do that no one really reads EVERY single word of your copy.  However; you can add extra punch with an audio sample, excerpt, or description.  Folks on eBay have increased their profits significantly by adding audio to their auctions.

5) Personalization.  If your business has different departments, have each department head record a short greeting for that deptís page.  ìHello there, this is Bob Evans; head of shipping and receiving.  If you need to contact my department please call yadda-yadda, or email me right away.  I aim to exceed your expectations with my world-class service.

6) Assessment/Questionnaire pages.  A smart web marketer will have a questionnaire for potential clients to fill out before contacting them for consulting, coaching, or whatever.  A sample question written on your form might be ìWhat is your greatest challenge right now? You can easily have an audio button asking the question again in a gently probing manner or in a different way to get your prospect to give you more detail.

7) Donít forget your Thank you pages.  You work your butt off to get the sale ñ donít to blow it!  Use audio to re-affirm your customerís decision to do business with you.  Thank them for making a wise decision that will significantly improve their problem, make life easier, or give them great joy.

By implementing these simple strategies, youíll be sure to make a mark on your customer and be remembered and REWARDED!

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