Web Directories: Paid and Free

Web directories have numerous benefits. Informative decisions must be made when choosing between submitting a site to a paid or free web directory. Whatever your choice, ensure that your website conforms to all required norms: complete, detailed, user friendly, and distinctive. 

Web Directories: Paid and Free

The options are many and stem from two main categories: free directories and paid directories.


A free directory is a great way of getting backlinks. Your site will probably get listed on a PR3 or PR4 page. Sometimes, your site will get listed within a few days otherwise it may even take a month. But it can also happen that the free site never gets around to listing your site. The options in the free category are numerous and one can opt for an open directory project such as DMOZ or a free directory like JoeAnt. Apart from main directories, there are niche directors that are specific to one segment only like health, alternative medicine, and so on. Remember, every listing will add to the websiteĆ­s Google PageRank and free directories of standing do provide a steady rate of referral traffic. Many free directories have editors who do the vetting for no remuneration; this allows the directory to include hundreds of sites at little or no cost. Directories like DMOZ are used by Google and other search engines as databases; this means that your website will automatically be listed in several major search engines and directories.

A paid directory is one that offers premium service which includes faster approvals. Most paid directories deliver high-quality traffic or a good PageRank. Less crowded than free directories, your site stands a good chance of being listed on a higher PR page. Some directories like Yahoo charge a fee for considering a site for inclusion. This is towards costs of reviewing your site and the fee is a recurring expense to be paid yearly. However, there are exceptions where non-profit sites are reviewed free but there is a special path for submission of such sites. Other sites charge a one-time inclusion fee. The costs of paid directories can vary from US $ 25.00 (one-time fee) to US$ 299 (annual recurring fee).

Whether you should opt for a paid or free inclusion depends on your needs.

Consider what is your goal?

  1. Determine how much immediate exposure your website needs?
  2. Is there time to wait for a free inclusion or would you benefit from a quickly paid inclusion?
  3. Is there a budget provision for paid inclusion: pay per click or recurring yearly expenses?
  4. Do you have time to assume the role of a reviewer and vet your directory before a free inclusion?
  5. Or, would it be more feasible to pay for a professional editor to review the website?
  6. Learn how each directory is organized and what its guidelines are.
  7. Surf the net and find out where your competitors are listed. 

Make a working plan and choose wisely what will benefit your business plan the most.

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