What Is A Mini WebSite?

A mini website is a site that is devoted to selling one and only one product. Either software or an ebook. You have probably seen these sites all over the internet.

What Is A Mini WebSite?

They consist of a one-page sales letter and a thank you page. 

The sales letter is packed full of information to tell your potential customer about all the benefits of the product you are offering. This page is usually quite long as it is your one opportunity to sell your product. The sales page will have all the reasons your customer needs the product you are selling. It will also tell what the product does or how it is used with examples to emphasize the fact that your customer can't do without it. Sometimes there will be some testimonials from satisfied customers and some bonuses for a prompt purchase. At the end of the page, the customer will have the opportunity to purchase the product with a command for them to order now!

Once they have made their purchase, they are sent to the thank you page which has the download link for their purchase. It is important to add the download link for the purchased product in a very prominent place near the top of the page. No one wants to search for the item they have already paid for. 

This thank you page should be considered a second sales page. 

The great thing about this thank-you page is that you know the people reading it will buy from you. They already have! It has been proven that once a person buys something from you, they are more likely to buy more products from you if you keep offering a good product at a good price. So while you have them there, you will offer another product that compliments the already purchased product. You can string a series of related mini-sites together and get several sales from the same person all at once. Don't miss this opportunity to get another sale.

A thank-you page is a good place for you to offer a free gift or an unannounced bonus. All the visitor has to do to get your freebie is filled out a form with their name and email address. Almost everyone will take you up on the free offer and you have just collected their information to send them even more offers. 

The thank-you page is also a great place to add your Google AdSense ads. After the customer has downloaded their purchased product, filled out the form for your free offer, and looked at, and hopefully bought, the other offers you have available, they are still on your thank you page. Place your Google AdSense ads at the bottom of this page. The next logical choice for them is to click a Google Ad or close the window. Most people will click on an ad.

So you have your sale, their name and email address for future sales, possibly a second or third sale, and a little extra cash from your Google ads.

The beauty of this whole operation is you don't have to be present to make sales or ship goods. It is all done electronically. Once you get traffic to your mini-site, it will do all the work for you. It will sell the product, collect the money, 'ship' the item, make your second sales pitch, and collect the customer information. You make 100% profit from the sale.

You check your email every once in a while and find you have made more money! 

Optimizing these mini-sites for the search engines is a breeze. You only have one page to optimize. What could be easier?

PLUS... Nothing to join. You don't have to sign up for a bunch of affiliate programs and deal with wetting up the affiliate links. You own the products you are selling. You don't share your profits with anyone. 100% of the money from your sales goes right into your pocket!

Where do you get these mini websites? 

You can create your own ebooks or software and sell them or you can buy resell rights products. When you buy a product that offers resell rights, you now have the right to sell this product and keep all the profits. Just like if you made the product yourself. 

Once you have your product, you only have to write the sales page and the thank you page and you are in business.

The beauty in these Mini WebSites is that you can set them up, optimize them and then just let them work for you. It's like having a whole staff of salespeople working for your 24 hours a day and you don't even have to pay them.

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