What is Your Definition of Marketing?

What I have discovered through my experience of marketing is, it's all in how we define it. We can think of marketing the way most of us do which puts us in the box of making cold calls, knocking on doors, going to numerous networking groups, sending out mail, speaking, the list goes on and on of what we have known. The simple definition of marketing is: letting your audience know what you do. From this simple idea, itís up to you how you want to market. You have complete freedom in how.

What is Your Definition of Marketing?

Here ís the bottom line!

No Marketing = No Clients = No Money = No Business!


You do get to Market YOUR WAY! You get to have FUN! and be extremely creative. In fact, give yourself permission to market YOUR WAY and change the formula above to:

Market YOUR Way = More Confidence = Attract more clients = A THRIVING BUSINESS!

Now, letís change your definition and Guess What your definition will be different from each businessperson you meet. We are all unique. We choose different business paths; wear different clothes; drive different cars; have different viewpointsóour marketing approach should be just as unique?

Here are 3 examples of ìmarketingî provided by entrepreneurs.

1. I didnít like networking groups but thought I would try some out. My definition of a networking group is this: It had to fit with my values, it had to be fun, and the group had to come from a unique perspective. Most of them were about collecting as many cards as you can. I tried 4 groups and one fit perfectly. EwomenNetwork comes from ìgiving firstî and they have a wonderful format that gave me permission to ask for what I wanted. It was very safe, very professional, and very genuine. Iíve has been a member for 3 years ñ itís the only one I attend consistently.

2. I have a Web Design company and one of my passions is voyager canoeing. I began to utilize outdoor-related themes in our marketing messages and promotions. Most importantly, I decided that canoeing was also a great way to network. As a professional woman business owner and an experienced canoe guide, I developed a Ladies Voyageur Day. I hosted a group of entrepreneurial women on a guided canoe trip.  The event was so successful it has become an annual sponsored event.

3. I had always found marketing to be a distasteful chore. I was diligent and had managed to stay busy as a consultant by networking and following up on leads, but it was an unpleasant duty, and I avoided it whenever possible. I think one of the best-kept secrets to becoming successful at marketing is the first choice to be of service to a group of people you truly care about. With my new mission in mind, all of a sudden, marketing became effortless.

The clients I wanted to serve were people I really cared about, I wanted to spend time with them. Instead of dreading networking events. I began looking forward to them as a place to meet new people I could help. Before, I had avoided business lunches finding them boring and awkward, but now I enjoy listening about new opportunities to be of service.

To summarize our 3 marketing definitions:

- Giving first, asking, ìHow can I help you forward your business, îrather than saying, What do you do.

- Creating a marketing approach that doesnít feel like marketing because I'm doing what I love Voyager Canoeing

- Being a service to a group of people

OK, do you have a new perspective on the definition of marketing?  What are your thoughts on the questions below?

1. What was your original definition of marketing and is it different now?

2. Did you give yourself permission before this class to think of marketing ideas outside of the box?  If not, what permission will you give yourself now?

There is a marketer inside of all of us ñ itís just a matter of identifying the true, authentic marketing person inside of YOU.

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