Why You Must Write Your Book Now

I think you'll agree, we all secretly want to have our own book or e-book. In today's society, having your own book means prestige, added income, and appeal that makes getting the nicer things in life that much simpler.

You may think that writing a book is well beyond your capability, even though you have dreamt about seeing your name in print in the past

Imagine overseeing large orders being filled as your market races to place new orders for your highly successful book.

Why You Must Write Your Book Now

Perhaps you are looking to escape your suffocating job by quickly building another source of income?

It could be that you already have a great career, but really want to move up within your organization or business, and for that, you need to do something different to set yourself aside from the crowd.

Maybe you already sell products or operate your own business or operate a profession such as a lawyer, chiropractor, real estate agent, or accountant - writing a book will become your tool to generate leads and a buzz around your business.

Get the idea, here are 7 reasons for you to write a book right now.

1. Generate Revenue 

Regardless of whether you take the traditional publishing route or choose to self-publish your own book - you can earn extra income, sometimes SUBSTANTIAL extra income by marketing your own books.

2. Lead Generation

If you operate your own business or rely on leads converting into sales for your living, then writing your own book can make a fantastic difference to your take-home pay.

3. Branding

As your market gets more cluttered, getting your message out becomes tougher and tougher.  Launching your own books, e-books, courses, or reports is a terrific way to build up your perception in the marketplace.

4. Setting A Solid Foundation

Everyone who operates their own business knows that marketing your own products gives you more control, more leverage, and more profit in the end. Information-based products such as books, e-books, and reports set your foundation for a real, high-value business.

5. Massive Publicity

Some of the biggest names in the world understand the power that writing a book can give you in terms of publicity.  Books not only allow for reviews, exposure, opinions, interviews, and other formal publicity, they also can be the launchpad for social networking, word-of-mouth campaigns that can truly become viral saving you hundreds of thousands on publicity.

6. Highly Profitable

In the case of self-publishing, publishing digital e-books, downloadable information products, 95% of the price is retained in profits which goes directly to you.  A terrific no-charge, e-book writing formula is available here:  http://www.infoproductcreator.com/ebook/

7. Attract Positive Activity

It's difficult to explain, but when you have your own book e-book, report, or course available to the public - it can take on a life of its own attracting experts, partnerships, synergies, co-marketing offers beyond anything you may have considered.

It surprises me how most people underestimate the power that writing your own book can bring to their lives.

What's more, it is astonishingly simple and fast to put together your own book, e-book, report, or course to market to your audience.

Thousands have succeeded in writing their own self-published book in as little as a few weeks when they understand the basics of what their market wants and how to outline and organize their writing - and even more, amazing....the ones who succeed the most are those that have the least writing experience.

If you are looking for a highly profitable alternative revenue stream, a home-run hitting marketing tool and publicity tool, or just would like to finally live your dream of seeing your name in print - then it's time to break through the untruths and get working on writing your own book.

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