Will FFAs Get Me Banned From Google?

The webmaster's nightmare. "Oh my god, my listing is gone from google!!!" or yahoo, or MSN, or any of the big search engines.

We all know that traffic is the lifeblood of any online endeavor. Without traffic, you can't make sales. Search engine traffic is the most reliable source of high-quality traffic. High quality being visitors are looking specifically for the products or services you sell.

Will FFAs Get Me Banned From Google?

FFAs or Free For All links pages are considered low-quality traffic sources. IE people randomly surfing, clicking on whatever looks interesting. Not really searching for anything and very unlikely to buy anything.

There is however another role that FFAs play. Bulk submission to FFAs or blasting FFAs creates hundreds of links to your website. The number of links to your site is part of how Google and other search engines rank your site. The more links the higher your ranking.

Now here is the problem. Traditional wisdom among webmasters, internet marketers, and internet gurus are that too many FFA links. Considered low-quality links, will get you banned from search engines.

In other words, the belief is that if Google thinks you are trying to boost your rankings by adding a lot of low-quality links they will ban you.

So will they? My only answer has to be, "not in my experience."

Here is a little history of my internet marketing journey. For the longest time, I was wasting money on this traffic-generating ebook and that traffic-generating system. I was getting a pittance of search engine traffic and no google traffic. So I decided "So what if I get banned.". I wasn't getting google traffic anyway, how would be banned hurt me?

I started FFA blasting 3 or more times a week and guess what. Google traffic. Not huge amounts by any means, but google traffic nonetheless. Not only google either. Ask.com, yahoo, and many others. Even a fair amount of FFA page traffic. 

So what am I saying here? It's simple. No one knows how google or yahoo or ask.com ranks web site except google, yahoo or ask.com. The search engines, like any good business, are constantly tweaking and changing their ranking rules. These rules are secret. Any internet marketing guru who claims to have "broken the google code" is either living outright or working off old information. Don't believe them.

In my experience making your internet footprint as large as possible is the best traffic-generating strategy. Submitting to FFAs is the quickest easiest way to do this.

If you are already making a good living with free google traffic, great don't change a thing. In fact, write an article so I can learn your secrets. If you are yet to get your first google hit, start submitting to FFAs. In my experience, only good things will come of it.

Good luck with your web marketing.

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