Connection And Difference Between SEO And SEM

Connection And Difference Between SEO And SEM

What is the essential difference between SEO and SEM, what are their advantages and disadvantages, and how should they be understood? Let me give you a brief analysis and comparison.

Now many friends who don't know much about network marketing will have this problem. Search engine optimization and search engine management are just the difference between the last few letters. What are the connections and differences between them? Market Online is here to organize her understanding of search engine optimization and search engine management, and analyze its advantages and disadvantages.

1. SEO And SEM Definition

Search engine optimization:  SEO is a technology that optimizes and adjusts the website internally and externally according to the rules provided by the search engine, thereby improving the natural ranking of the website in the search engine. Also called search engine optimization. Searching for keywords in search engines depends on search engine optimization, in addition to previous advertisements.

Search engine marketing: SEM is a form of advertising provided to paying users on search results pages and is charged based on exposure or clicks. Similar to the advertising space of some large websites, the principle of bidding ranking is that the higher the bid, the higher the ranking. The user can set the keywords to be delivered through the Baidu bidding background and set the corresponding delivery methods (such as Internet alliance, information flow, digital signal processor, etc.. Place the channel (based on the region, keyword, age, gender, etc.) to browse the device) Set the shipping price (bid according to your needs, don't bid too high), set the shipping file (title keywords, idea, etc.), so as to get user clicks.

Advantages and disadvantages of search engine optimization


1. Accurate process-Although it is a natural process, it takes a long time to optimize SEO, but the process it brings is very precise.

2. Cross search engine platform effect-SEO optimization is what all search engines should do. As long as the SEO method is white hat, and the user experience is done well, your website search engine will be recognized in varying degrees, so as to give your website some good placements.

3. Don't spend money to increase traffic-SEO optimization is a bit like learning knowledge. At first, the amount of knowledge is very small, but after you build your own knowledge system, the effect will be more obvious. 

4. Better trust-after all, watching advertisements displayed by scanning electron microscopes is a state of mind. SEO is different. As long as the website is well done, conforms to the rules of search engine optimization, and can meet the needs of users, he will have a sense of trust in you and it is easier to be single.


1. Long effective time-Generally speaking, the effective time of SEO optimization is at least 3-6 months, so to do SEO, the boss needs to have a full understanding of SEO, so as to better do SEO optimization.

2. The cost of communication is high-search engine optimization requires the cooperation of multiple design departments, such as product, design, operation, technology, and so on. Communication costs are high, and good search engine optimization requires strong communication and collaboration skills.

3. Unstable rankings-frequent updates of search engine algorithms usually lead to fluctuations or declines in website keyword rankings and traffic. The stability cannot be compared with SEM.

The advantages and disadvantages of scanning electron microscopy


1. Quick results as long as the keywords and ideas are arranged in advance, you can bring traffic and even consultation on the same day.

2. The precise placement is very helpful to some local companies. You can choose the delivery area when delivering keywords in the background, which will make your traffic more accurate and your intentions stronger. The key is whether users come or stay.


1. There is no long-term benefit-unlike search engine optimization, once the account has no money, SEM will stop consumption and traffic will stop. This is definitely not like search engine optimization.

2. Click fraud-in such a popular Internet, click fraud occurs every day. Although search engines have certain filtering mechanisms, they cannot be 100% blocked, which means that you have to pay for "fake customers".

3. At a high price to increase the flow of people, the ranking is unstable. As long as someone bids higher than us, your ranking will drop.

The above is a personal understanding of the connection and difference between SEO and SEM for learning SEO every day. I hope it can help you.

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