How Did The Rich Become Rich Step By Step?

Some time ago, on the Internet, there was a poll that said, " If you exchange 10 million for your 5 years of youth, would you change it? "

As a result, 80% of the people chose to "change"; 10% of the people chose not to change, and 10% of the people chose to "don't think about it".

Actually, the answer to this question is simple.

As Jack Ma said, " Poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation are two different things ."

If a person only thinks about being helped out of poverty without thinking about how to get out of poverty, he can only remain poor all the time. The so-called "helping the emergency but not the poor" means "the material poverty is easy to help, but the spiritual poverty is difficult to cure. "

Just like a lot of netizens shouting every day, "How can you solve your worries, you can only get rich." "If only I could win the two-color ball jackpot." Thinking about the people waiting to be helped out, makes no difference.

How Did The Rich Become Rich Step By Step?

So what is the difference between the poor and the rich?

To this end, Richard Tepler, who is comparable to J.K. Rowling, the author of "Harry Potter", has studied a large number of cases of wealthy people. At the same time, he has summarized 5 laws of wealth based on his more than 30 years of wealth creation experience.

As Charlie Munger, the golden partner of "stock god" Buffett, said: "A rich life does not require particularly complicated theories. It only needs to be guided by some simple and operational concepts. "

These five laws of the rich are actually not difficult.

1. The Poor Read Entertainment, And The Rich Read Finance.

A research institution has done a lot of statistics, and they found that judging whether a person can become a rich person in the future is actually very simple: just observe what he is reading.

The poor are more interested in gossip, celebrities, sports, and street news because these types of content have three characteristics: they have nothing to do with themselves, nothing to do with money, and entertainment and stress-free relaxation.

The rich are different. For example, Buffett, the content he reads every day after he arrives at the company is: American Banker, Furniture Today, Property Insurance Review, The New Yorker, etc. He then also focuses on the latest analysis of the stock and bond markets written by his favorite authors.

It can be said that Buffett's daily life is: a large amount of valuable information.

Input determines output.

The content that the poor like has nothing to do with money, growth, or business. They become an outlet for worthless information and data. The rich integrate all kinds of money-related data, make comprehensive judgments, become the source of analysis and sharing, and influence other people's thinking and the direction of things.

The first rule of thumb for being rich is this: you need to know what the rich are reading, learning, and copying.

2. The Poor Reject Money And The Rich Are Close To Money.

At this point, you may be asking "I'm very close to the money, I don't reject money at all."

However, if you think about it, have you ever felt jealous or hated the rich?

If so, it means that your perception of money is actually not good.

How Did The Rich Become Rich Step By Step?

To increase wealth, you have to study wealth. Wealth stories, biographies of rich people, business cases, business models, company operations, etc. are all good research materials.

If you get off work a 9-to-5 shift every day, and you end up drinking and playing cards, or watching TV, watching TV shows, or playing games, how can you expect wealth to be close to you?

Apple founder Steve Jobs forbade the use of iPhones and iPads by children in the family and did not allow them to use the Internet until they were 16 years old. Because Steve Jobs believed that " phone screens are more addictive than candy ".

The same goes for Microsoft founder Bill Gates. He asked children to ban cell phones until the age of 14.

During the developmental period, they all require their children to live a step-by-step "electronic-free life." Because they understand that electronic products not only expose children to junk information that adults can't resist browsing but also make it difficult for children to concentrate on learning.

Essentially, entertainment is consumption and learning is saving for the future. This is the life strategy of the rich.

3. The Poor Often Give Up, And The Rich Often Persist

According to statistics, the average Wimbledon winner starts to practice tennis at the age of 5 and wins the junior championship before the age of 14.

Yao Ming also said: "The basketball stars who are active in front of people now laid the foundation as early as ten years ago."

The same goes for making money. The people you see now who are worth over 100 million started working hard 10 years ago.

According to statistics, it takes an average of 7 years for a company to earn its first million from the start.

Ma Yun set up a stall, Ma Huateng lived in a small IT company, Liu Qiangdong opened a restaurant, Lei Jun made his fortune from Jinshan in 16 years, and now the bigwigs in various industries who are active in front of everyone have been crazy for money as early as 10 or even 20 years. basics.

For example, what would you choose between owning something that is bound to increase in value in the future and making me rich, and eating every meal?

70% of the users who participated in the survey on “YouTube” chose the latter.

Ordinary people just want to reap the fruits of success, and do not want to experience sadness and persistence on the road to success.

Those who can learn and cultivate deeply for the sake of long-term interests, and give up small profits in front of them, are all ruthless. They are also more likely to be proud after 5-10 years.

4. The Poor Are Often Confused, But The Rich Understand Themselves.

How well do you know yourself? Like, what do you like? what do you hate? Can you speak clearly? Most people are prone to changing their choices based on mood and circumstances. When you are happy you can do anything, when you are sad you can't do anything.

Richard Tapler once started a question on his website: Do you have the determination and drive to become a rich person? Are you willing to work hard? Can you hold on to one thing unconditionally?

If you answered no to these questions, your chances of success are not very high.

This is not to throw cold water on you.

If you don't have the determination, patience, and action you need to be rich, it's hard to get through the setbacks, hardships, and loneliness on your way to success.

In this regard, Jack Ma has a relatively popular saying: "Today is cruel, tomorrow is even crueler, the day after tomorrow is beautiful, but most people will die tomorrow night."

Know your preferences, goals, and abilities, and you'll get results that match. Otherwise, you'll be playing on a football pitch without a goal, dribbling the ball, and consuming yourself aimlessly.

5. The Poor Find Answers And The Rich Take A New Path.

Because they are often confused, the poor always hope to find the so-called correct answer. However, by following behind others and repeating their paths, you can at most reach the same end as others. Just like if there is a popular noodle restaurant on the street, after a while, there will be many similar noodle restaurants on the street. In the end, they are all working for the landlord and it is difficult to earn money.

On the contrary, the most successful people in business have in common that they are able to stay ahead of the crowd, think outside the box, think creatively, and come up with ideas and plans that no one else has thought of.

The poor are used to following the crowd and doing things; the rich are good at taking risks and experimenting.

As long as you pay attention, any prosperous small shop must have its extraordinary place and innovative thinking in it.

George Demistra saw the thorns sticking to his pet dog and invented the Velcro that we all use. Relying on this patent, he was already a multi-million dollar millionaire by the time of his retirement.

The famous American toy company "Hasbro" creatively used baby toothbrushes and music together, and successfully occupied the music toothbrush market and gained a lot. And the companies that make products after them are barely making ends meet.

This is the value and significance of taking a new path.

The habits of the past got you into the life you are now, and if you want to break through, you have to develop new habits. Especially the habit of making yourself rich.

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