Experts Answer The Difference Between SCRM and CRM

When the concept of private domain traffic emerged, the scenarios for enterprises to directly reach users became more and more abundant, and private domain operations in the form of SCRM have become a key position in the digital transformation layout of many enterprises.

However, many companies have a biased understanding of SCRM, thinking that SCRM is an extension of CRM. In fact, it is not the case. Although the two have similarities, they cannot be confused. SCRM is social relationship management, which is to create tags according to the user's status and is an interaction mode from one-way transmission to two-way interaction. We understand the difference between SCRM and CRM from the following aspects.

Experts Answer The Difference Between SCRM and CRM

1. Management object

First of all, the backgrounds of the two concepts of CRM and SCRM are different. The concept of CRM appeared in the era of enterprise information and is an important content of enterprise information construction. In traditional marketing CRM, the management object is only for consumers, and the core data of management is the transaction data of consumers. Enterprises use CRM to manage customer data. Enterprises will pay more attention to business processes, customer information records, etc., and will conduct data mining and analysis to maintain customer relationships and achieve performance growth.

With the rapid development of the Internet and digital economy, enterprises can use social media to reach users through multiple touchpoints and interact with customers in real-time. That is to say, compared with CRM, SCRM will be more consumer-centric, and will focus on how to give full play to the social value of each consumer as the focus of business process innovation.

And in more scenarios, SCRM often appears together with private domain traffic. Private domain operations in the form of SCRM have become a key position in the digital transformation layout of many enterprises. mission.

2. Management function

CRM is the basic tool for enterprises to manage customer relationships. Enterprises use CRM to collect and manage customer information, including customer follow-up, sales opportunity management, contract management, payment management, work order management, etc. Enterprises often use large amounts of daily business data, Mining and analyzing the data, and adjusting marketing strategies, marketing strategies, etc. accordingly.

On the basis of CRM, SCRM has an additional "Social" function, which manages customer drainage, customer operation, and customer conversion. Enterprises can use various content to attract customers, complete the interaction with customers through SOP, etc., so that the relationship between enterprises and users can be maintained in a "dialogue" state, so as to gain the trust of customers and create a long-term, high-viscosity, Spiraling user relationships.

3. Tendency

CRM is a tool used by enterprises to manage customers, and it pays more attention to the key nodes in the sales process. Through the CRM system, enterprises can analyze various data indicators, such as customer repeat purchase rate, attention to products, time and frequency of purchasing products, etc., so as to optimize business processes and improve internal collaboration efficiency. However, the interaction between enterprises and customers in the system is less, often limited to one-way communication such as phone calls, text messages, and emails.

SCRM, on the other hand, is more inclined to the interaction between the two parties, attaches importance to customer operations, and pays attention to the cultivation and conversion of customers. SCRM pays attention to the opening up of social networks, realizes external connection with customers, collects user behavior track data through multiple touchpoints and social attributes, and continuously enriches user-personalized tags, so as to complete tag portraits and better realize refined customer operation management.

An excellent SCRM not only has the basic functions of managing customer relationships, but also solves the problem of information access, creates scenarios for communicating with users, continuously deepens the trust of users, and effectively reaches customers through standardized SOP functions, so as to be targeted To provide users with multiple values.


Therefore, it is too one-sided to just regard SCRM as an extension of CRM. For enterprises, SCRM is a change in the marketing concept. It is no longer just management, but also operation and participation.

Customer management needs to choose a reliable platform

A reliable platform will only help enterprises more, and now customer management has been upgraded to SCRM, and enterprise WeChat, as an important software for contacting customers, is also an important point of the SCRM platform, not only in OA management but also in customer operations and content. There are powerful functions in terms of operation and enterprise private domain traffic activation. Especially in the extended development of enterprise WeChat service providers, the excellent SCRM system fully meets your comprehensive needs for customer management and marketing management!

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