What Are The Key Points For Making Content on The New Website

According to the current optimization form, the optimization of new stations is more difficult and takes longer. In the early stage, it is recommended to do long-tail keywords first, so that the overall keyword ranking of the website can be improved, and Baidu weight can be obtained faster. In short, the new station pays more attention to the optimization of long-tail keywords in the early stage.

However, it should be noted that the fact that the new station focuses on optimizing long-tail keywords does not mean that only long-tail keywords are laid out on the homepage.

Website SEO optimization is the core word on the homepage, and it is also necessary to focus on optimizing the long-tail words on the inner page, such as sorting out and selecting long-tail words suitable for the article page, and then editing them into high-quality original articles for publication. For new stations, attention must be paid to the quality of content at an early stage.

What Are The Key Points For Making Content on The New Website

The quality of articles includes two aspects: one is that it must meet the needs of users, and the other is that it must be rich enough and highly relevant to other pages. If the quality of the content page is improved, the weight of the entire site will gradually increase, thereby improving the keyword ranking of the homepage.

When there are a large number of long-tail words ranking, the main core keywords will also rank. Through the ranking of long tail keywords, the weight of the website can be effectively improved.

In addition, before the new station goes online, it must be filled with enough content.

According to the characteristics of the website, for example, if it is a corporate website, it may be enough to prepare dozens of articles before the new station goes online. However, if it is an industry information website, hundreds or even thousands of articles need to be prepared before the new website goes online.

The purpose of preparing articles before the new website goes online is to make the website look rich and rich in content. When the search engine crawls the new website, it will have a judgment and first impression. If the new website has corresponding content classification, then the search engine will give a higher rating.

Of course, search engines will not give keyword rankings immediately, because after the new station goes online, it needs a comprehensive evaluation in the later stage.

For ordinary corporate websites, it is enough to prepare a few articles before the new online launch, and then 1-3 articles can be updated every day.

If the information traffic website itself wins with more numbers, the number of websites behind will reach tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions. In addition, there will be many categories and tags for informational sites. Therefore, before the new website goes online, you can consider organizing more articles and update them after the website goes online.

Of course, if the information website has already sorted out millions of keywords and content, and there are enough people to contribute to the content in the later stage, then when the new website goes online, search engines will favor such websites more, and it will be easier to obtain rankings and weights.

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