How SEO Optimizes Articles And How To Write Original Articles?

How SEO Optimizes Articles And How To Write Original Articles?

Many types of websites inevitably need to use article content for ranking. As an SEO industry personnel, how to optimize articles is a current and always facing a problem. The idea that content is king has always been outdated, and appropriate article content is the top priority of white hat SEO work. You also can read What Is SEO? How To Optimize For SEO?

Many friends insist on writing original articles, and find that their articles rank low and can hardly bring actual traffic to the website. This is a common problem. Why do you have such a conclusion? That is what we ordinary people think of as high-quality article content, which contradicts the high-quality article content judged by search engines. That is to say: the high-quality content we think is of no value in search engines.

Through the above analysis, we can draw a conclusion that organizing articles from the perspective of SEO and organizing the content from the search engine to determine the quality of the article is a practical and valuable "content organization".

How to optimize the content of the article from the perspective of SEO?

1. Understand the dimensions of Google to determine the quality of website content.

Google has used official documents to directly explain which articles with SEO elements are valuable.

2. Pay attention to the optimization of the keyword frequency of the article.

The keyword density, that is, the frequency of the occurrence of keywords, will affect the ranking of relevant keywords in the current article, and many SEO practitioners will not ignore this. The point that needs attention is that the word frequency is not easy to be too high, that is, the density should not be too large. Many novice users use SEO for SEO, and the final result is that things must be reversed. Many people I contacted have committed this problem, and it is not an isolated case, it is universal.

3. Optimize the position of keywords in the article.

Keyword density can affect keyword rankings, and location can also affect rankings, and it will have a big impact. The core operation point of this point is: place important keywords in important positions of the article. The seemingly simple operation techniques seem to be very few people doing well. Which positions are important positions? Typically there are titles, first paragraph, the beginning of each paragraph, abstract call, etc.

4. Make articles that are searched by users.

Content searched by users is valuable. Original content searched by users is worthless in the eyes of search engines.

5. One-to-one correspondence between article title and content.

Usually, what we call relevance is that the title is the core manifestation of the content, and the content is the further explanation of the title, which requires a one-to-one relationship between the title and content. It is also a seemingly simple problem. Many people make mistakes. This optimization point is very core and must be done and unconditionally followed.

6. Standard layout of article content.

This is also to optimize the article from the perspective of SEO, and it is also an inevitable requirement from the perspective of users.

Typesetting and layout are more concerned with the quality of the web page, rather than the quality of the content itself.

One is that the content of the main body should be placed in the main body so that the user can see it at a glance. To give a counter-example, there is not much content in itself. If it is still displayed in the form of pagination, this is the problem; assuming that the content of "contact us" is placed in an important position on the homepage, it is also a problem.

The second is that there should be related readings, recommended readings, random readings, popular readings, and other surrounding information text recommendations around the main content. The principle of this is also well explained. More recommended content means the greater the probability of being clicked by the user, which means that the user's visit time will be increased, the bounce rate of the website will be reduced, and the PV of the user's visit to the website will increase. These user behaviors are beneficial and harmless for improving and stabilizing keyword rankings.

Comments on SEO tutorial self-study website:

Refer more to the websites of high-quality peers and learn from the SEO optimization method of their website article content. In addition, refer to the several dimensions of Google's official evaluation of high-quality content, and strictly implement it. I believe that the final optimization result is to satisfy the special visitor of users and search engines at the same time. Required.

SEO optimization, how to write original articles?

Website SEO optimization is about keywords and content, while on website content, more time and effort are needed to update articles on website content. We all know that updating articles requires regularity, original articles, and satisfying user needs. How to write original articles? How to write original articles when SEO is optimized.

How SEO Optimizes Articles And How To Write Original Articles?

1. What is an original article?

When it comes to originality, there may be a kind of fear and fear, and feel that you can't write it. Maybe you have neither the technology in this industry nor any experience in this industry. How should you write and be original? It feels really difficult, I don't know how to start. Originality means writing by yourself, not copying others, but it does not mean that you must express a new point of view, put forward a brand-new concept, or invent a new word, etc. 

We often say originality as long as you are yourself Just understand and express the article in your own language. Just like the article I’m writing, I teach you how to write original articles, but there must be many articles like this on the Internet. It’s not the first one to say that original content is better, and of course, it’s not my first. A point of view is that writing an original article is not a new invention, but I have fully understood and re-written it, which may be helpful to some people who are learning SEO and help their understanding. So my article is original.

2. How to write original articles?

As mentioned above, articles that are understood and described in their own language are original.

  • Proposition-determine the subject of the article content

Writing an essay is like writing an essay. The first is the proposition, what content you want to write, and which keywords you want to optimize. Commonly used are your own questions, questions from the Q&A platform, questions from people around you, customer questions, and peer questions. These are all user needs. These question keywords are combined with user search habits to combine keyword titles.

  • Content source

If you are not a big coffee in a certain industry, or a top expert, or a person who specializes in industry research, you may not be able to come up with new views or new ideas. Usually, these people’s articles are published in Special issues, books, rather than a small website. But if you have been engaged in a certain industry for several years, have a lot of experience, or are very familiar with the product itself or the customer, then you can also write tangible articles that gather the essence of the predecessors and create ideas. 

Writing if you are only a little familiar or unfamiliar with the industry, you can only search for articles written by others on the Internet, understand, and then combine creation or re-editing, and describe in your own language. Most of us belong to the latter. A good suggestion is to learn. Whether you are doing SEO or other industries, you are in the process of learning. Use what you have learned to add your own understanding to form an original article.

Therefore, original articles are not inventions, but processing. The important thing is to add added value to make your articles more readable, easier to understand, easier to understand, and more in line with user needs. Then your original article will be successful.

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