What Is SEO? How To Optimize For SEO?

What Is SEO? How To Optimize For SEO?

SEO means to improve the natural ranking of your articles in search engines according to the algorithms of search engines.

SEO, the logic of search engine optimization, is actually very simple. It's like the chairman of the student union in a university. You want voters to give you more votes. Then, you need to "optimize yourself" first, whether it is appearance or ability; in addition, you need to get more recommendations from opinion leaders before you can get more ordinary voters to support you.

In the same way, you have to let the search engine list countless articles and rank your articles first. You first need to do:

1. Internal optimization: to improve the quality of the article itself

2. External optimization: that is, let your articles be exposed on more authoritative websites

How to optimize for SEO

First: Keyword selection

The keyword selection is wrong, and the work to be done later is equal to zero, so before website optimization, you must first lock the keywords of your website.

1. Deploy brand words and relatively difficult common words or product words on the homepage. Home page recommended carrying 3-5 keywords

2. Use inner page layout for more keywords, each inner page is recommended to carry 1-3 long-tail keywords

3. Each keyword has a unique main landing page

4. The homepage uses keywords to link to all inner page landing pages

5. Every landing page links back to the homepage with homepage keywords

6. All these keywords appearing on the website are linked to this unique main landing page

Google-related search, Google index, English keyword tool, the target keywords are made into a document. For large websites, the main thing to do is to classify the keywords of the website.

Second: Perfect website structure

To optimize the hyperlink structure of a website, the following aspects are mainly required:

1. URL optimization: optimize the URL of the website to a URL with a higher weight

URL is the path taken by search engines to crawl your web pages. Take the folder set to the folder as an example. Too many folders one by one is very bad. This can only cause the web page to be included very slowly, too few and not. It is helpful to modify, the general recommendation is to use two layers, which means that the homepage of a website is classified into internal pages, and the pages that can be updated in the internal pages, such as news pages, are included in one folder, so that the website is structured in an orderly manner. Let the search engine crawl very comfortably, of course, it is good for optimization.

2. Related links: Do a good job of related links between various pages on the site. 

This article is very important. To do this well, you can first use the internal links of the website to establish many backlinks for important keyword pages. It is important to emphasize here: Backlinks are between webpages and webpages, not between websites and websites. Therefore, the mutual links between the internal pages of the website are also mutual backlinks, which are also helpful for ranking.

Third: Website content strategy

1. Enrich the content of the website:

Enriching the content of the website is very important. The richer the content of the website, the more professional your website is. Users like it and search engines like it.

2. Add some original content:

Because the collection system has turned the production garbage station into a production garbage station, a website with no original content at all, although the content is rich, search engines will not like it very much. Therefore, a website should have as much original content as possible.

Fourth: Optimization and improvement of web page details

1. Optimization of title and meta tags:

According to SEO standards, all title and meta tags of the website are reasonably optimized and perfected to achieve a reasonable state. Remember: Don’t blindly accumulate keywords in the title. This is a common mistake most people make. A website with very reasonable SEO is a website that has no traces of deliberate optimization.

2. Planning of web page layout:

The main reason is to use tags such as H1, strong, alt, etc. reasonably to highlight the core keywords in the webpage. Remember: Don't add alt

annotations to all the pictures on the webpage, just add the most important pictures, such as product pictures, person pictures, and reasonable descriptions.

Fifth: Site map production and submission

Sixth: Develop a plan to increase backlinks

The previous work is done well, and the most important thing is to formulate a reasonable plan for increasing backlinks, and then choose several reasonable ways to increase backlinks, and then do it step by step according to the plan. It is only a matter of time before ranking. Remember: Don't quickly add a lot of high-quality backlinks in a short period of time. For example, in just two or three days, add hundreds of links with a PR value of 4 or more. In this case, you are in danger. It is easy to be used by search engines as buying links and then be punished.


Deployment: "Put" the considered keywords into the action brand words on this page: you can understand it even if you don't say it, it is a generic term such as "Satellite TV", "Blancpain", and "Easy Point Network": For the industry type, this "general" means, different from the brand words, those keywords that you can use and others can use, such as "watch", "top watch", "SEO", general term Not all of them are the hottest keywords, for example: "Professional SEO company in Putuo District", this is also a general term, but the degree of competition may not be high.

Product word: the name of your product.

Long-tail keywords: It can be simply understood as low-competition, less popular, or more word-count keyword

Landing page: users search for a keyword in Baidu, and then find your website, click on this search result After that, jump to the first page.

Keyword link: This refers to a text-type hyperlink. The text is a keyword. Click this keyword to jump to the corresponding landing page. For example, our keyword is "head player", then The keyword link is: the top player can try to click and try. Here, the top player is the keyword, and http://www.wakhidahmad.com is the link. The " head player " is called a keyword link.

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