How To Do A Good Job In SEO Of Unlocking Company Website?

How to do a good job in SEO of unlocking company website?. To do SEO is to do website keyword ranking. This sentence itself is not a problem, but the definition of SEO is relatively single. In fact, doing SEO is a kind of marketing thinking. We believe that just having a ranking does not mean doing good SEO.

How To Do A Good Job In SEO Of Unlocking Company Website?

In order to explain our ideas, we use how to do SEO on the website of an unlocking company to further prove our point.

How To Do A Good Job In SEO Of Unlocking Company Website?

1. Demand analysis

To make website SEO, first of all, it must be an industry analysis. For many friends, the need to unlock the company's website is obvious, but we have different views:

  • Template selection

Generally, the choice of template for unlocking company websites is just to choose general corporate templates, and we think that there are many unlocking websites. If they are the same, they will not reflect our characteristics. Furthermore, choosing a unique website template can also improve the grade of the website. Increase user trust.

  • Keyword selection

When choosing keywords, we will definitely choose industry keywords such as unlocking company, but we see that general unlocking websites will choose this type of industry word for homepage ranking, and we think that unlocking companies mainly face local users, and user search Sometimes the keywords are not industry keywords, and there are more searches on the mobile terminal, so we mainly focus on the local index keywords in Market Online and the keywords with high mobile search volume.

2. Site layout

  • In the station

As a local unlocking company, we did the site layout and chose the more commonly used pyramid layout:


The layout of the homepage is mainly about the layout of industry keywords, but we are more concerned about the first impression of the unlocking company’s website. We display a lot of unlocking master’s information, work process pictures, past honors, good deeds, etc. on the homepage. Note that we have passed a speed test, and the page opening speed cannot be affected by adding too many images.

Content page

The content pages are the main keywords with high search volume on the mobile terminal that we have excavated, and these pages should be used for precise drainage.

Conversion page

The conversion page is actually rather vague. Although we have set up contact us, we have implemented contact information on the content page and home page so that users can contact us at any time.

  • Outside the station

The layout we made outside the site is:

External link

For regular external chain releases, we are more concerned about the value of the external chain. We choose to be a local external chain in the Market Online, which includes friend chain, contribution, account creation, etc. The purpose is to more accurately locate the region where we are a Market Online unlocking company. At the same time, high-quality external links can also drain traffic for unlocking websites.

Mini Program

We also created a small program for unlocking companies, because the small program has a higher mobile display volume, and at the same time, it can also obtain quick access rights, and promote effective channel display for unlocking companies in

Enterprise Hundreds

After the enterprise Baijia account is certified with Blue V, you can select specific keywords to directly rank on the homepage, which directly increases website visits.


Of course, we have also done regular operations such as advocacy promotion and word-of-mouth promotion. The main purpose is to increase the visibility of the unlocking company on the Internet. Once there is a certain reputation, the business volume of the unlocking company's website will surely increase.

In short, we believe that to do website SEO, the website must not only have a good keyword ranking but also need to consider the long-term development of the website.

Summary: How to do a good job in unlocking the company's website SEO problem, we will discuss here, the above content, after reference.

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