Keyword Mining Techniques In 2021 You Are Worth a Look

Keyword Mining Techniques In 2021 You Are Worth a Look. The technique of digging keywords is a commonplace talk in website optimization. Today, Market Online will share several keyword mining techniques in digging keywords with you, and I hope they will be helpful to everyone.

Why dig for keywords?

To make a good website, we must first identify what we want to do, that is, the direction. After determining the general direction, we need to involve the keywords we are going to talk about today. Only the key to finding the right one Words can maximize the benefit.

Keyword Mining Techniques In 2021 You Are Worth a Look

Skills and methods for keyword mining techniques

Mining keywords meet an industry we are familiar with, or it is easy to solve, but many times we are not actually in contact with an industry we know well. At this time, we must learn to use major tools to mine keywords and quickly sort out ourselves. The keywords you want.

1. Keyword mining techniques Use Webmaster Tools

These three platforms are the corresponding industry thesaurus, as well as a large number of long-tail words, but the free ones are a lot of restrictions. These three tools personally recommend 5118 in terms of thesaurus volume, but if you are more inclined to have sex For the weight of the station or the stationmaster, it is recommended that you directly use the keyword vocabulary of Aizhan. After all, those who buy websites in the market still like to use the Aizhan tool to check the weight.

2. Drop-down words and related search terms

There will be some drop-down words and related search words corresponding to the keywords. This kind of manual operation is not recommended. After all, if you collect a keyword and a keyword, even if it is not a day or two, you can run it directly with the software. After the keywords you want to know, you can filter out the ones that match you. I won’t introduce more specific software. Those who have the technical conditions can grab the interface by themselves.

3. Use Keyword planner keyword mining techniques

This tool is used in the Google Keyword Planner bidding background to facilitate advertisers to place advertisements, but for our SEO, we can also use that tool, and relatively speaking, we can see the competitiveness of keywords, which is a better choice. For keywords that match your own strengths, optimizing your ranking will do more with less.

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4. Brainstorm

This technique is not suitable for large-scale word mining. Instead, after using tools to dig out keywords that suit you, you can ask friends or users with this piece of demand to see what their needs are. Demand is searched. That's the keyword, so that part also needs to be considered.

5. Competitor website

The previous ones all require us to dig out a large number of keywords first and then filter them. It will actually take a certain amount of time. The most direct one is to analyze the websites of competitors. The keywords he makes are definitely what you want to do. Keywords, at least 60% are similar, so sometimes in order to save time, the best is to take the competitor's website analysis.

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