SEO Experience Interview When Applying For Jobs

Have you been recruited for the problems I encountered SEO Experience? It’s the beginning of the year again. Those who should be recruited and those who should be candidates are busy. I am also one of the candidates this year. I will start interviews for SEO positions in the next year. After the interview, I feel unsatisfactory. Let me share with you. To encourage each other.

SEO Experience Interview When Applying For Jobs

Question 1: Tell me about your SEO Experience the ranking of the website you are optimizing?

I think it’s more intuitive to say that it’s in the top 10 and the top 20. However, during the interview, I talked a lot about the situation of taking over the previous website, such as the previous website was fined, what content has been adjusted, and what is the current situation. After speaking, I feel that the key points are not prominent, and the personnel interview should ignore these, just look at the results, that is, how the current ranking is.

Question 2: What optimization tool do you use?

My answer is: almost every step of optimization has corresponding tools, Google webmaster platform, Google statistics, webmaster tools. I feel that the answer is too general, combined with the posted application requirements, focus on one or two tools, such as the keyword mining function of the webmaster tool, the traffic data statistics of Google statistics, and the website log analysis tool.

Question 3: What kind of work do you usually do? Optimized work content?

From external links outside the site to keyword mining within the site, keyword layout, website structure adjustment, article publishing, friend link analysis, data analysis, etc. The explanation should be clear and clean, but it should not be too long. The SEO optimization work is originally detailed and tedious work. If we clearly explain all the aspects to be optimized, the interviewer will not be patient to listen.

Question 4: Why resign from SEO Experience?

I said this based on my own situation. Of course, I couldn't say that I was not satisfied with the salary, and the company was not good in the past.

Question 5: What is your minimum salary requirement?

Just write it, don’t change it ^_^! Insist that you are worth the price!

Question 6: Is there anything else you want to ask me?

I still asked HR, if I enter the company, I need to be responsible for the job content and related job settings, such as copywriting.

After an SEO interview, less than 10 minutes, what? I basically didn’t ask about optimization-related questions that I prepared, nor did I ask about the situation of the company’s website that I prepared? ! I don’t know if it’s a case or what, wait for the result! Friends who are about to interview SEO Experience, come on!

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