Which Aspects of SEO Optimization Site Should Start ?

Which Aspects of SEO Optimization Site Should Start? On-site SEO refers to the goal of being friendly to search engines by adjusting the interior of the website. Read What Is SEO? How To Optimize For SEO?. Optimizing the interior of the website is tedious and long-term work to allow the website to accumulate slowly, thereby improving the keyword ranking of the website. Do a good job of SEO on the site from the following aspects:

(1) Link structure within the website For SEO Optimization Site

There are many forms of links. In marketing websites, in order to improve keyword rankings, try not to use a lot of beautiful pictures, flashes, videos, etc., but mainly use text, and the links are the same. Change the original Use plain text links for picture links, flash links, video links, etc., and define the global unified link location.

Which Aspects of SEO Optimization Site Should Start ?

The so-called global unified link refers to the interconnection between the website homepage, channel page, section page, and content page in the website structure, and the weight of keywords is transmitted between them, such as links to common website names and main navigation Links, core keyword links, breadcrumb navigation links, etc., and the keyword URLs corresponding to these core words should be unified. Do not have multiple URL links for a keyword. This is conducive to the transfer and accumulation of weight between the pages of the website.

(2) Repositioning of an SEO Optimization Site title

Website title optimization is an important optimization project for site SEO. The title needs to contain key core keywords. At the same time, multiple page titles on the website cannot be the same. At least the type of "core keywords and a simple description containing keywords" should be displayed. And once the title is determined, do not modify it again, especially if it cannot be modified frequently. If it is modified frequently, search engines may think that it is cheating.

(3) Each page contains keywords and maintains a certain frequency

In website optimization, search keywords must be embedded in each page. If the keywords are embedded, it will be convenient for search engines to find the page quickly, whether it is a column page or a detail page, the title must have keywords, and the content of the page must have keywords. Frequency appears. In this way, the search engine only knows the content that your page mainly wants to express when it focuses on it, and it can better include and display it.

(4) The structure of the website needs to be adjusted in detail

If the website is a display-type website, using a lot of pictures and flash, etc., these page elements are not conducive to the inclusion of search engines. It is recommended that the website used for website SEO optimization is a marketing-type website. If it is inconvenient to modify, just It is necessary to add three columns of company introduction, main product or service content keywords, company news or product information at the bottom of the page, and add URL and content optimization to the three columns. Especially the company news and product information columns. Use this column to promote the company brand and product keywords. The detailed introduction pages of these products or services use links to the homepage of the website or other pages of the column so that the website structure extends in all directions.

(5) Share the SEO link on the site outside the site

After the adjustment of the internal structure and content of the website is completed, the external layout is carried out, and the two complement each other and promote each other. Add in-site link sharing on other sites outside the site, increase the weight of keywords, and get user return visits, increase the number of site visits, and achieve better site optimization effects.

In the era of rapid Internet technology, as a network worker, you should learn new SEO optimization site techniques and search engine rules in time, master SEO optimization site methods and thinking, so that your website can rank better on search engines.

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