10 Tips For Developing A Digital Marketing Agency

10 Tips For Developing A Digital Marketing Agency

Starting your own digital marketing agency is one thing, but growing your business is another. In many years of cooperation with digital marketers, I have seen various agents reach their highest level in history by following their own secrets of success. This is an inspiring effort, stemming from hard work and smart decisions. This is what this article will discuss how to expand the agency and increase profits.

1. Build Your Network

If there are only a handful of contacts, it is best to work harder on contacts. In order to develop an agency, you need to go out and establish contact with people. People can provide a steady stream of recommendations and serve as the next client to shake hands. Several key points when building a network of contacts:

Start locally: Being in the same area is what you have in common with local companies. This makes it easier to introduce them to digital marketing agents.

Focus on a specific market segment: Although it is tempting to win everyone's favor, you need to focus on one market segment first. The best way is to target the market you are good at.

2. Develop Inbound And Outbound Marketing Strategies

One of the biggest mistakes digital marketing agents make is forgetting to take care of their brand and marketing themselves. If potential customers don't know who you are, they cant grow their business. This is why it is necessary to set aside budget and time for inbound and outbound marketing in order to generate leads for digital marketing agencies.

Inbound marketing-this involves the activity of passively obtaining leads, that is, potential customers actively contacting them.

SEO: Add unique, valuable content, which helps make the site more compelling. Use Google’s search console to identify the queries you get and build content to resolve those queries.

Pay per click: lock a specific area for the ad. Use remarketing to get more conversion opportunities.

Social media: Join the social media channels where most target customers are active. Find groups that attract potential customers and share attractive content.

Content Marketing: Create specialized content and lead magnets that meet the needs of target customers.

Outbound Marketing: This involves activities that actively obtain leads. The first is to reach potential customers.

Cold email: Automatically send an email sequence whose content matches the potential customer’s stage in the buyer’s journey. Send cold emails at reasonable intervals to avoid spam.

Cold call: After sending the email, start the first call-this is to build a warmer relationship and ensure a place to contact potential customers.

3. Set The Right Price

When starting a digital marketing agency, an important factor in growth is to provide the right value for the service. Some agents fail in starting a business because they charge insufficient fees, while some agents charge too much. One way to set the right price for a service is to check the quotes of major competitors. Check their average price and determine if it can cover your expenses and provide a reasonable profit. Recommendation: Don't set the price too low in order to please a few customers. The pricing should justify the value provided.

4. Develop Repeatable And Scalable Processes

There should be a process behind everything. One of the foundations of a successful agency is to have specific policies and procedures. These serve as a framework to illustrate how to perform work effectively and follow up on deliverables.

Automate the reporting process. Instead of writing suggestions and contracts from scratch, use a template that can be simply filled out and sent to the customer. Use Calendly and similar scheduling tools to simplify the appointment process. Provide specific guidelines for internal teams so that they can complete their work effectively.

5. Hire The Right People-Outsourcing And Internal

One of the common pitfalls of digital marketing agencies-especially startups-is to handle all the work. Of course, it is your own job to provide results that satisfy your customers, but this does not mean that you have to bear the burden alone. 

If you are busy performing your duties, how can you develop your business? This is the meaning of outsourcing. What services can be outsourced? Almost everything-from SEO to social media management. Let others take over work that is not part of your professional field until you can complete it, or you have a sufficient scale to hire internal personnel to complete the work.

6. Make The Most Of Partnerships With Influencers

Do you remember the issues discussed in building a network? This is not only to find potential customers but also to connect with influencers who can cooperate. How to use partnerships with influencers?

  • Hold webinars or live meetings to discuss their professional topics.
  • Ask if they are willing to become the agent’s alliance partner.
  • Write guest articles on their website-or ask if they can write articles for their agency website.
  • Thinking about the problem: Don't occupy all the benefits. When working with influencers, it should be mutually beneficial.

7. Simplify The Entry Process

Successful agents usually have a seamless entry strategy to ensure that customers use the product and stay with them. Think of the new employee onboarding process as your first step in retaining customers. If you mess up from the beginning, you will find that customers will leave soon. One of the easiest ways to simplify customer entry is via email sequence. 

Every email should talk about customers and their needs, not about yourself. This should make it easy for customers to understand the service and how to help them. Map the results of each customer's interaction to determine how the conversation might proceed. This helps prepare an appropriate response.

8. Learn How To Up-Sell To Customers For One-Off Projects

Yes, it is important to find and get new customers to deal with. However, it is also important to up-sell to customers who have already purchased a one-off item. Up-selling can open up new sources of revenue while providing additional value to customers. Here are some tips for upselling:

Use one service to complement another: If a customer purchases a web design, why not provide them with SEO? Provide them with an introductory price for SEO services. Show them how to rank their new website; if they are satisfied with the results, provide them with a new SEO campaign next month.

Explain the value of using other solutions: Customers need to understand the value of the money they pay. Don't just promote new solutions-show them the value of using other services through milestones and potential returns to their business.

Upsell only when the customer needs it: Provide a reasonable reason for upselling, which means you need to prove why the customer needs the service. Don’t force customers to buy things they don’t need now.

9. Don't Report-Analysis And Explanation

Customers only care about one thing: results. They don’t have time to understand what click-through rate is or how to reject a link. They want to know how to benefit from what they do. That's why don't just report on vanity indicators; also analyze and interpret the data.

Analysis: Determine which programs have produced effects and which ones have not, in order to prove the effectiveness of the service. Use this opportunity to identify ways to improve activities and maximize return on investment for customers.

Explanation: Rather than showing customers a lengthy report, it is better to translate the data into a language they can understand. Don't say, "This is the modification we made to the metadata". Instead, "We wrote a new text to attract more visitors to click on the site and learn about the business."

10. Always Consider The After-Sales Process

Good agents know how to find customers who will close; great (and successful) agents know how to find, close, and keep customers. After the customer purchases the solution from the agent, don't stop the simulation care-even after the sale, try to maintain the relationship. How to keep the relationship hot after sale? Here are some tips:

  • Provide continuous value through educational content, such as guide articles, white papers, and case studies.
  • If there is a problem, act quickly and communicate the problem-don't wait for the customer to find the problem.
  • Show gratitude, never underestimate the power of "thank you".

Final Thoughts

To develop a digital marketing agency, there is no one-size-fits-all method. The tips shared above can be used as a guide for agencies-how to reach the seven-figure income mark is entirely up to you.

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