3 Top Most Effective Free Promotion Method

Free promotion is still very necessary for some companies because funds are always involved in the initial stage of entrepreneurship, so they have to choose a cost-effective method. Of course, there are many ways to promote free, such as the following:

3 Top Most Effective Free Promotion Method

1. Free Promotion Method: Mass Posting

The promotion of mass posting has been around for a long time. Where there are people, there will be markets. Where there are people and concentrated, they are places where there are social interactions. Like Line group sending and email group sends, these are more commonly used. One software can be used. Do; In addition to these, there is a relatively vertical social application that can be promoted through private messaging.

Advantage: can trigger many users in a short time
Disadvantages: it will cause a ban, and the account cost will be high
Solution: If you want to promote in this way, you can carry out refined operations. For example, if you are a maternal and child product, you can set up people on multiple platforms to establish your own image and make yourself into this industry. KOL, this is one direction of this kind of free promotion at present.

2. Free Promotion Method: Self-Media And Short Video

Self-media and short videos are now the hottest free promotion methods. With the help of the platform's recommendation algorithm, corresponding content production is carried out, and high-quality content triggers users in need. The conventional method of this kind of promotion is handling. With the update of the algorithm, the handling is not very effective.

Advantages: The user's accuracy is relatively high
Disadvantages: Will experience content exhaustion
Solution: Early handling and later upgrading of content.

3. Free Promotion Method: Search Optimization

Search optimization is the most traditional free promotion method, and its technical content is relatively high. If you have your own website, you can optimize your website to make your industry keywords appear in search engines. It’s okay if you don’t have a website, but the approach is different. Without a website, you can send your promotion content to major websites for keyword ranking.

Advantage: Once there is a ranking, it will be stable for a long time
Disadvantages: long effective time, requires certain skills
Solution: You can start with external optimization, and publish as much content as possible through major forums, websites, and soft-text platforms. First, let your industry information be displayed in the search engine, and then slowly learn SEO knowledge.

Conclusion :

There are many ways to promote free of charge. At present, the mainstream and effective ones are nothing more than these, such as Amazon. These methods have also evolved through SEO, Social Media, and Web Media are of the same kind.

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