What Is SEO And How Does It Compare To Bidding?

What Is SEO And How Does It Compare To Bidding?

SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is a technology that analyzes the ranking rules of search engines to understand how search engines search, how to crawl website pages, and how to determine the ranking of search results for keywords.

Search engines use methods that are easy to be searched and quoted, targeted optimization of the website, improving the natural ranking of the website in the search engine, attracting more users to visit the website, increasing the number of website visits, and improving the website’s sales and promotion capabilities, thereby Improve the brand effect of the website.

Some Internet novices may not understand the above description after reading the above description. In layman's terms, SEO is to make your website keywords rank in the ideal position. Of course, this ideal position usually refers to the Google homepage. SEO optimization is the result of natural ranking, which is very different from Google bidding. The SEO display has the Google snapshot logo.

Although Google bidding can obtain the ideal ranking and traffic in the shortest time, there is also the thorny problem of malicious clicks. SEO optimization does not need to worry about this, nor does it require additional fees to deal with malicious clicks from competitors.

Usually, sites that have bid on Google will display the word advertisement on Google. More and more data show that when consumers use search engines to search for relevant information, the search results of the word advertisement after seeing the search results will cause advertisements to resent and automatically block relevant information. Consumers are more inclined to authentic and reliable search results. 

What Are The Five Principles Of SEO Optimization?

When netizens want to learn about a product, they will search for this product or company on Google. If they cannot find relevant information, they will misunderstand that they are unreliable, or if your ranking is behind competitors, you will be considered ranked The previous brands are better, so SEO must be done.

SEO definition: The full name of SEO is Search Engine Optimization, that is, search engine optimization. Through internal adjustment and optimization of the website and optimization outside the site, the website can meet the search engine optimization ranking needs, improve the keyword ranking in the search engine, and bring accurate users to our website from the face, obtain free traffic, generate direct sales or Brand Promotion.

SEO rule 1: low cost and free clicks, the more clicks, the higher the ranking.

SEO Principle 2: Customers with high-quality customers will conduct related searches and acquire accurate customers.

SEO criterion 3: High input-output ratio is the most cost-effective and the best effect, avoiding malicious continuous clicks from competitors.

SEO Principle 4: Stable Effect Once SEO is ranked, the effect is stable. Unlike the bidding ranking, there is no ranking if you stop paying for promotion.

SEO Principle 5: Real-time monitoring Through Google statistical tools, you can monitor the effect and adjust the strategy at any time.

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