What Details Should Be Done In The SEO Optimization Of The New Website?

Due to the continuous development and upgrading of network technology, SEO is being promoted more and more. Nowadays, many popular optimization techniques cannot meet the needs of website SEO. So when doing website promotion, we must first optimize every detail of the website, so what specific optimization should be done for the new website SEO?

What Details Should Be Done In The SEO Optimization Of The New Website?

1. Site Content Quality

Do a good job in website construction. Although this sentence is simple, it is not simple to do. The content of many corporate websites is either collected online or not updated for a year. Some people also accused them of a lack of industry content in the collection process. The reason is simple. In the early stage of website construction, the products on the website are ready, but there are no relevant news and information bars. Therefore, despite this type of industry news, there is no place to release it.

Therefore, small and medium-sized enterprise websites need to set up appropriate columns and update them every night to keep the website alive. Search engines grab content every night.

2. Establish An External Link To The Website

Optimize website construction with external links. In the SEO optimization conference, there was a saying: The content of the website is the king, and the external link is the king. The more the external links of the website, the higher the exposure rate of the website, and the higher the corresponding weight. Therefore, we must learn to build the external link of the website. For example, you can publish your website information on many B2B platforms, or reduce external chain construction through summits. Of course, it is best to write a soft article to establish an external link. For example, when every movie is about to be released, the news media will publish a large number of related soft articles, which is actually soft article marketing.

Therefore, SEO optimization must be persisted in order to achieve an effect, otherwise, no optimization effect will be seen no matter how good the website optimization method is!

3. Don't Be Afraid Of Details

The overall structure and details are optimized for website construction. In fact, in the initial stage of website construction, the construction of SEO external links should be considered. This SEO optimization is carried out after the completion of the website construction. If you waste time and energy, the goals you can achieve will be greatly reduced.

Therefore, in the initial stage of website construction, future SEO optimization should be considered. For example, you should consider opening and updating website columns, optimizing website code, optimizing website internal links, and establishing a site map. At the same time as the construction site, we also do this optimization work, so that you can get twice the result with half the effort!

4. Site Keywords Should Be Practical

Choose keywords for website construction. Others find your website through search engines. In the first step, they enter keywords in the input box and then create some websites based on the keywords. The ranking order of each site is based on Google's own weight. If the keywords are correct, there will be fewer competitors, and your website ranking will be easier to lead. I think many people are fighting for individual keywords.

At this point, you can add some suffixes next to popular keywords to become long-tail keywords, which can effectively get rid of many competitors. The correct selection of keywords can effectively prevent cruel competition.

What should be done to optimize the SEO of the new site? Website optimization is a very important part of today's online marketing. Now Google's ranking on many corporate websites is not ideal. In fact, they are not optimizing the content of the article. In fact, many details of the website are not well done, which restricts spiders’ crawling of the website, resulting in website rankings that cannot get a good ranking on Google.

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