Why SEO Optimization Should Pay Attention?

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SEO optimization of the website, many people think that it takes time to continuously post articles and external links, but the effect is not obvious, so they think that it is useless to do website SEO optimization, really? Why optimize site SEO? SEO optimization needs to pay attention to what?

Optimizing website SEO involves many contents, such as domain name, content, structure, layout, internal chain, external chain, etc. All in all, the core of SEO is to improve user experience and make search engines more friendly.

Why should SEO be optimized, and what should SEO pay attention to?

  • User experience

User experience refers to the user's subjective feeling when browsing a website. It can be divided into four levels: usability, ease of use, practicality, and branding. The optimization of website SEO is to continuously improve the user experience and increase the stickiness of users to the website so that users can find the information they need from the website while constantly adding new users.

Availability refers to the basic functions provided by the product. If the user opens the webpage too slowly, or the server is unstable, the website cannot be opened, which will affect the user experience and be disapproved by the user. Without reasonable SEO optimization, the website may be eliminated by search engines.

Ease of use-Ease of use is more convenient, faster, and smoother. Ease of use is based on usability and requires the website to be more stable, safe, and compatible to make the website smoother in use.

A good result-it exceeds the user's expected to experience. When the user browses the website, all aspects reflected by the website are beyond the imagination of the user, giving the user a different feeling and giving the user a deeper memory.

Brand-In marketing, the brand is a sign that distinguishes similar products. If the brand is recognized by users, it will help promote, let more people understand the product, thereby increasing more new users.

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