How Does A Sitemap Help With Website SEO?

As a webmaster, as a webmaster who focuses on website SEO, then after a good website, you will start to rank. A website wants to get the rankings obtained by search engines as soon as possible. There are many key points. 

Today I will talk about it. Sitemap, why do we need to create a sitemap? Below, the editor will analyze the role of sitemaps in website SEO optimization!

How does a sitemap help with website SEO?

What Does A Sitemap Do?

A sitemap is also called a sitemap. Although it is a page, it has links to all the pages on the website. A sitemap is a navigation web page file generated according to the structure, framework, and content of the website.

It can be said that search engine spiders like sitemaps very much, and now search engines have a function of submitting maps, which shows that search engines attach great importance to sitemaps.

The connection level of many websites is relatively deep, and it is difficult for spiders to crawl them all at once. Sitemaps can facilitate search engine spiders to crawl website pages. By crawling website pages, they can clearly understand the structure of the website.

Generally, the sitemap is stored in the root directory and named as sitemap, which guides the search engine spiders and increases the inclusion of important content pages of the website.

The Role Of Sitemaps In SEO?

1. Sitemaps Can Add In-Degree To Other Pages

Maybe you have rarely heard of the word "in-degree". In fact, this is a more professional concept in SEO optimization. The word "in-degree" originates from graph theory algorithms. It usually refers to a point in a directed graph as an edge in the graph. the sum of the number of endpoints.

In the SEO knowledge system, we can understand it as the import link of the page. As a sitemap, it must be full of links to other pages, which undoubtedly adds import links to other pages.

The sitemap itself is a hub page, which can play a very good role in navigation.

People who know more about SEO should know that the basic unit of search engine ranking rules is the web page, not the website, and one more link on a page will increase the chance of ranking improvement, so building internal links reasonably is the optimization of website ranking. important magic weapon.

A sitemap can solve the problem of internal link structure very well, which is an important role that sitemap cannot ignore in SEO optimization.

It is the sitemap that plays a vital role in ranking optimization, so it has also led to some unscrupulous merchants not providing the agent with the sitemap function.

2. The Site Map Constructs A Good Pathway For Spiders To Crawl

The working mechanism of search engines is to release spiders to crawl new web pages on the Internet every day, and then rank these pages according to their own complex algorithm mechanism.

If these websites at node positions on the Internet cannot be accessed by crawlers well, it will undoubtedly increase the burden on search engines. Of course, it is difficult to completely crawl all pages of the website.

The sitemap just solves this problem very well. The crawler first accesses the robots when visiting the website. We write the address of the sitemap in the robots, which is equivalent to telling the crawler to crawl the map first.

There will be many other pages in the site map, which will create a good path for the spider to crawl our website, and it will be more conducive to the crawler to crawl the entire website page.

3. The Site Map Can Effectively Improve The Index Rate Of The Entire Site

As long as you analyze your website carefully, you will find that there are a large number of pages on our website that have not been included. Most of these pages are places that search engines cannot crawl, and naturally, it is difficult to include them.

The hidden pages are extracted through the site map, and the search engine crawlers follow the links on the site map to crawl one by one, which will increase the index of the entire site.

The ratio of the number of indexed pages to the total number of pages is the indexing rate. When the two websites have the same total number of pages, the indexing rate of a website with a sitemap is significantly higher than that of a website without a sitemap.

From the point of view of improving the index rate of the whole site, the site map is absolutely indispensable.

4. The Site Map Can Facilitate Visitors To Browse And Increase User Experience

When the sitemap was originally established, the website designer considered it to facilitate the visitors to browse the website. This page covers all the sections (large websites) or pages (small and medium websites) of the entire website. The purpose is to allow visitors to quickly find themselves. required information.

This effect is not obvious in small websites, but it is obvious in some portal websites. Due to a large amount of page information on these large websites, it is difficult for users to reach the pages they need from the homepage for the first time.

Generally, there will be a very clear map structure, which is established for the convenience of users, not only for the crawling of search engines.

And user-friendly websites are more likely to be welcomed by search engines, and natural sitemaps play an invaluable role.

Whether it is a large website or a small or medium website, a sitemap is a must.

Whether it is from the point of view of user experience or in order to improve the crawling efficiency of the crawler, having a sitemap is indeed a thing of great benefit to the website.

Most website programs have plug-ins that automatically generate sitemaps, but other programs do not have them. As professional SEO personnel, we should pay more attention to the construction of sitemaps.

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