Why Did Your Online Business Fail?

Many people have failed to do business through the Internet, and the reason is not clear to the core. Many people do business offline and live well, but once they get online, they don’t make money without bubbling. 

Today, the editor will analyze it from several aspects, hoping to help everyone.

Why Did Your Online Business Fail?

1. Positively Speaking, The Three Cores Of Internet Business

Any business is inseparable from traffic. Behind the traffic is the transaction, and behind the transaction is the product.

2. In Reverse Terms, The Three Cores Of Internet Business

If there is no good product, the transaction is a problem. If there is no good transaction, no matter how good the traffic is, it will be in vain. If you invest in advertising and promotion, you will not gain anything, and no one will thank you for your generous investment. This sentence fully explains the importance of the selected products, the importance of R&D and production of products, and the strength and importance of products to solve people's pain are self-evident.

Let's talk about it: The core of the Internet business is the use of products and solving people's pain points. Factors such as the role and function of the product truly reflect the [use value] of the product, and then the [exchange value] of the product, as well as the continuing vitality of the product.

3. Describe The Three Cores In Detail


Where does the product come from? What comes out of nothing... You are optimistic about many inventions, aren't they all out of nothing?

Product classification: drainage products, trust products, profit products, fission products

Therefore, an enterprise should not only make a certain product, and the probability of failure is really high. The product must have a nice name, and the product must be unique in its value. Market segments and industry segments are all roads.


The current product buying and selling are fair and free, non-distributive, and cannot be forced to buy or sell.

How to deal? How many problems must be solved?

  • Where are the customers? Region: Location? Be more specific?
  • How to nurture customers: How to connect with customers?
  • How to trade: How to generate the exchange value of the product?
  • How to after-sale
  • How to fission

Marketing and transactions without a model (routine) are hooligans.

Come to a simple mode: free video, free live broadcast, nurturing customers, building trust, selling products, shipping, 7 days no reason to return, after-sales, fission.


Traffic is mainly divided into offline traffic (people traffic) and online traffic (viewing and clicking on the Internet)

  • Search engine traffic
  • Self-media traffic
  • Graphics and texts
  • Video class

If you look at it from another angle, you can only classify two types of traffic:

  • Private domain traffic
  • Public domain traffic

From another perspective, traffic can also be classified into two categories:

  • Traffic that spends money to promote
  • Free traffic (SEO promotion, contacts, etc.)

4. How To Get Traffic?

It is mainly obtained through promotion and publicity, ranging from a small circle of friends, email promotion (private domain promotion traffic) to search engines, blogs, Weibo, video apps, etc. No matter how good the product is, if there is no traffic without promotion, the probability of whitewashing is high. The product is good and the transaction ability is strong, but there is no traffic, waiting for customers to come to the door is just a dream.

To establish your own traffic pool is to convert public domain traffic into private domain traffic through promotion, establish a relationship network, establish a fan line, and then fission traffic.

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