7 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic with Article Quality Optimization

7 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic with Article Quality Optimization. Techniques for boosting traffic can be done in many ways, from SEO optimization of blogs, articles to techniques to promote blogs. Many bloggers rely on SEO optimization to drive traffic and forget about the quality of the content itself. Therefore it is better to focus on writing quality posts. Here are 7 ways to increase blog traffic by optimizing article quality

7 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic with Article Quality Optimization

7 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic with Article Quality Optimization

1. Embed Keyword in Blog Post Title

Embedding a targeted keyword in the post title will increase the chances of the article being indexed quickly and in the top position. However, it should be noted that the relevance and benefits of articles should be prioritized over keywords. Don't force embedding keywords if the title eventually becomes irrelevant

2. Creating Internal Links

When you create a new post, try to create an internal link that refers to your old post that is really relevant, different from the related article feature which is usually installed at the end of the post. Internal links not only help in optimization but also provide a reading experience for your blog visitors, as long as you link to relevant internal content

3. Keyword Linking

Try to avoid linking the same keyword or keyword phrase to multiple URLs. Likewise, avoid linking variations of the same keyword phrase to the same URL. Google strongly discourages this tactic. When you are more consistent and able to link links, the better for your visitors and search traffic.

4. Limit the Number of Links in Blog Posts

Do not spread too many links, because it will confuse readers to know which links are the most important. In addition, Google will also penalize blogs that spread too many links. You can put a link with a distance of 150 words between the links, that way you will be safe.

5. Optimize Images in Your Blog Posts

This technique is sometimes forgotten by writers. Before uploading, try to name the image file with a relevant name and try to enter keywords into it. Then after uploading, make sure you also add the Alt-Tag property and description to the image. Remember, use reasonable keywords

6. Make Articles that are Short and Clear

When making posts, don't make posts that are too long-winded, but also don't be too short. Create articles that are in accordance with the proportions, so that Google can easily crawl blog articles and not make readers bored

7. Create Original Content

All posts on your blog must be original so they don't get the title of a spammer, plagiarism, etc. Even if you refer to a source, you must process the information with your own thoughts so that the content you write is not exactly the same as the source, and don't forget to include the source.

These 7 ways are powerful ways to increase and maintain traffic, even if they have no effect in a short period of time. Patience and consistency in making quality articles will definitely pay off.

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