Which Is More Difficult SEO Or SEM? How To Choose?

Today, I want to share with you a topic of SEO and SEM which is difficult, and which one is suitable for girls to choose?. The reason for sharing this question is because today a small partner asked the SEO from the heart, how to choose a girl to do SEM or SEO, which is easier?

Which Is More Difficult SEO Or SEM? How To Choose?

Before answering the question, let’s talk about what is SEO and what is SEM.

SEO, search engine optimization, simply means optimizing the website so that our website can get a good keyword ranking on the search engine.

SEM, search engine marketing, is also related to search engines, and search engine marketing is to allow your website to be exposed in the advertising space of search engine results by paying.

The ad positions on the search engine results are aligned with the natural rankings. When you look at the results carefully, you see the marked advertisements, which are the content results of the sem. Of course, the ad positions of the sem have been changed several times. For example, At first, there was no advertisement. For example, the previous position was only at the top and bottom of search engine results, but now we can see that advertisements can also be seen in the middle of the results.

So which One Is More Difficult, SEO or SEM?

Regarding this problem, SEO thinks it is difficult, and their difficulty points are different. Specifically:

The difficulty of SEO lies in:

  1. To find the problems of the website requires everyone to have a sufficient understanding of the search engine, an understanding of the ranking rules, and the rules are not static, so everyone needs to pay attention to these changes in time.
  2. Find keywords that are suitable for optimization. Each keyword has its own optimization difficulty. So which keywords are suitable for optimization at this stage, this is the need for SEO to discover and find in time.
  3. Discover the time of website changes. Anyone who knows about SEO knows that SEO doesn’t take effect so quickly. It takes at least 3 months. The biggest reason is that our optimization actions need to be discovered by search engines and need to be discovered by search engines. Search engines see that if our optimization actions are not discovered or seen, then our optimization results will be difficult to show.
  4. Website security issues. For SEO, website security issues must be paid attention to, because unsafe websites will affect our optimization. Once the website is punished due to security issues, it will take a long time to recover.

The difficulty of SEM lies in:

1. How to achieve the best results with the least money

SEM is simply the purchase of advertising space, but the advertising space is limited, and there are many users who choose to do SEM, then we need to compete for this advertising space, which is the bidding ranking. For SEM, we need to pass data Analysis, to optimize our account, so that each of our spendings is effective.

2. How to expand

The launch of SEM is effective, but when a market becomes saturated, how to make your ads more displayed and how to make your products be used by more users? This is the expansion. For SEM, many small partners are worried about their expansion.

So which one is difficult, SEO or SEM? Which one is suitable for girls?

From my personal experience with SEO, there are many girls doing SEO in the world, and more SEM. But after arriving in second-tier cities, there are a lot fewer girls doing SEO, and sem will be more than SEO. Of course, as far as I am concerned about SEO, I do both SEO and SEM. I personally feel that the uncertainty of SEO will be more than that of SEM. In the current market, the demand for SEM seems to be greater than that of SEO. So which one is suitable for girls? To answer this question, let everyone answer it by themselves.

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