8 Website Copywriting Tips For Internet Marketing

The easiest way to judge if a Website Copywriting Marketing is successful is to see if the website has enough persuasive power. Persuasive websites are often successful websites, while unpersuasive websites are usually unpopular and unconvincing.

In the form of presenting the persuasive elements of a website marketing, text, images, and videos are the most commonly used. Audio or interactive animation can also be used. In addition to the form of presentation. Website Copywriting Marketing elements will also have a big impact on website persuasion. The same meaning, changing different angles or terms, will produce completely different effects.

Even if you only convert a long sentence into several short sentences with the same meaning, or divide a long paragraph into several smaller paragraphs. It will affect the user's understanding of the copy and the efficiency of transmitting website information. So, are there any tricks to website copywriting marketing? This is really. If the following 8 tips are implemented, the website will not worry about not being persuasive.

8 Website Copywriting Tips For Internet Marketing

1. Copywriting Should Reflect User Interests Rather Than Product Features

In website marketing, try to disclose the information that needs to be conveyed from the point of view of the user's interest.

In the website building industry for many years, I have served countless customers. Of them, I have summarized the rules. Many customers always hope to complete the delivery of the website as soon as possible. For example, if you sign a contract today, you can expect to see a rendering of the website the next day, and it will go live within a week.

For this reason, Alibaba Cloud-Cloud Express's website creation product copy describes user interests as follows: Cloud Express-easy, self-service choice and Quick selection, quick replacement, quick launch, and fast inclusion. Fast? you can be online as fast as half an hour. From a user's point of view, answering the questions that users are most worried about.

I can also understand that this is a common psychological phenomenon among consumers. Once people have a clear need, they want it met immediately. For website creation, there are also some pressing matters, such as pursuing advertising plans, organizing promotional events at special points in time, and so on. The appearance of just solved this user's request.

One of our customers who manufacture turbine motors has discovered a patent that can save their equipment an average of 30%. If you want to use these inventions to your advantage, does it emphasize their prowess on the website? Or tell users that their motors can help users save energy?

You should tell the user. The product saves 30% more power than the competitor's product" in a straightforward manner, and then explain how they did it.

When writing website copywriting marketing, always remind yourself that users care about the benefits you can bring to them. Not your brilliant achievements. Unless they need you to use these achievements to convince them to believe in you.

To quote two chestnuts: For energy-saving and environmentally friendly air-conditioning products, the feature is "environmental protection and low energy consumption", and the user benefit is "save electricity bills (save money)", how do you write a copy?

The characteristics of certain Internet car brands are "the number one brand in Internet car care", and the user benefits are "better than 4S shop quality and 30% cost savings". Emphasizing the latter is more important than emphasizing the former.

2. Use The User's Language And Expression

I once saw a story about a children’s book becoming a best-selling book on the Internet. In an interview, the author expressed the logic behind this success. After the work was finished, he did not rush to publish it. But given the manuscript to the children in the neighbor's house.  Please use a pen to circle the unrecognized words and unintelligible sentences.

After the author took back the manuscripts that had been read and circled by the children. He replaced the words and sentences that the children could not understand with simpler words and sentences. He kept repeating this until there were no children putting wreaths on the book. After the book was published, it was deeply loved by children, and even those who did not like to learn would secretly read this book in class.

From this story, you can see the importance of using user language and expressions.

Secondly, the use of user language is not only conducive to search engine optimization but also conducive to enhancing the persuasiveness of the website.

The use of user language means that there are more opportunities for keywords that users will use when searching in the copy. Which helps to improve the relevance of web pages and related keywords. In search engines, relevance is one of the most important factors that affect the natural ranking of web pages in search results.

For example, the subject of a web page content is computer training, and most target users are accustomed to using the term computer training when searching. In this case, computer training should be used as copywriting. In this way, when users search for computer training, they can easily see your company's webpage.

In the era of information fragmentation, users are scanning rather than reading content when facing content. And they will only save the content they are very interested in. Using user language helps attract users' attention and interest. At the same time, using user language makes it easier for users to understand the content. Increasing the attractiveness and comprehension of the webpage enhances the persuasiveness of the website.

3. Use Short Sentences And Short Paragraphs

People nowadays are afraid of reading long sentences and long paragraphs, especially today when we have cultivated the habit of reading short sentences by the media. Long paragraphs and long sentences will put reading pressure on users, and even scare away users who don’t want to spend time reading. Try to use short paragraphs and short sentences, you will find the effect is significant.

You can try to write short sentences and divide the paragraphs into more detail in copywriting. The amount of user reading will not decrease but may increase. Because the sentences have become shorter, users have more patience to read them completely. Short paragraphs can make users pause for a short period so that they will not feel tired when reading.

Short sentences are easy to read and easy to remember. Short paragraphs are easy to read, and the reading experience is better. If you are used to writing long sentences, you can shorten the sentence length by replacing short synonyms and deleting unnecessary text.

4. Display Keywords In Bold

This is not difficult to understand. Keywords must be treated specially. That is, highlight key content.

Display keywords in bold, allowing users to capture the content you want them to pay attention to during the scanning process, and understand the key points you want to express faster.

Display keywords in bold, just like using user language. Which is useful for both search engine optimization and site persuasiveness.

Search engines pay more attention to those keywords that are emphasized as one of the bases for judging the content of web pages. Choosing the correct keywords in bold will help the search engine to correctly understand the key points of the webpage, to accurately recommend the webpage to users with relevant information needs.

5. With The Necessary Pictures

We often say No picture, no truth. Since there is the truth, why don't you have a picture? The pictures not only make the reading experience easier and more enjoyable but also clarify the meaning of the text. It not only increases the credibility but also strengthens the expression effect and deepens the impression.

Too dense text will put pressure on reading. Matching the text with relevant images will allow users to browse the page easily, happily, and patiently.

Today's words have evolved to be very abstract. Even if they describe the same concrete thing, different people will have different understandings of the same words. In this case, it would be great if there are related pictures to clarify the meaning of the text.

Some exaggerated pictures or schematic (non-real) pictures can have a strong visual impact. And at the same time strengthen the connotation of the information, leaving a deep impression on people.

There are many benefits to matching pictures, but you can’t just add pictures to produce effects. Here are a few basic requirements for using pictures when matching pictures:

Work hard to make the content of the image relevant to the meaning of the text

A good picture can assist the text to convey information more accurately. If the information that the picture and the text want to express does not fit, the effect will be greatly reduced, and in a serious case, it will mislead the user. So try to keep the content of the image relevant to the meaning of the text.

The subject of the picture should be focused

Avoid using ambiguous pictures. When using product photos, be careful not to bring in the background of the photo. You can delete or blur the background to make the theme of the picture more clear and focused.

Don’t Over Optimize

When selecting a map, you cannot allocate a map for the sake of the map. If you can't find a suitable map, you would rather give up the map than a hard match. The matching pictures will affect the effect. If you can't add points to the webpage, then points will be reduced.

6. Divide Content With Headings

Prepare some sub-headings for the longer copy. Use these headings to separate the content to make the copy easier to read. The content after segmentation has less pressure to read. And users can quickly understand the subject of the content through the subtitles.

When we were in elementary school, the teacher would often assign an assignment to summarize the main idea of the paragraph. Using headings to divide content is a sentence that summarizes the general idea of one or more paragraphs, and then puts this sentence in the body as a subheading.

If reading the full text is regarded as a task for the reader, then sum up a few more subheadings for the main text. These subheadings are like breaking a big task into small tasks for the reader so that the reader can complete them one by one. Down the whole task will become a lot easier.

7. Delete Some And Delete Some More

If you want the copy to be concise and concise, you can only delete it again and again. Early WhatsApp had a particularly good function, and the number of words must be strictly limited to 140 words. This is teaching users how to streamline content in a disguised form. If you want to make one thing clear and don't want to post two Webs you can only rack your brains to streamline the language.

Many online articles about copywriting skills will also see suggestions like delete some. It's not surprising that people like simple and concise articles. In copywriting, if you want to be concise and concise, you can try to force yourself to delete some of the written text, and then delete some more.

In most cases, the just written copy can be refined by deleting some text before it is modified. If you don’t believe me, you can try it now and see if the WhatsApp you sent yesterday can reduce the number of words in half without affecting the meaning you want to express.

8. Continuous Testing And Optimization Of Copywriting

There is a saying that goes well: A good article is not written, but corrected. There is no best, only better! The same is true for copywriting. It’s almost impossible to write a copywriting that shocks the world and weeping ghosts, and everyone loves flowers. You can only optimize many versions through continuous testing and modification until you are satisfied.

To pursue progress, it is necessary to constantly revise the written copy. So what is the basis for the modification?

It is not the experts or the boss who have the most say in the modification, but the real visitors of the website. Excellent website operators are always pursuing higher conversion rates. They frequently conduct various tests on the website and continuously improve the website based on the test results. Involving all aspects of the website, every detail is not overlooked.


As an indispensable part of marketing websites, persuasiveness plays a decisive role in conversion and transaction. The copywriting of the website is related to the persuasiveness of the website to a certain extent. Mastering the 8 copywriting skills mentioned in this article will allow you to get twice the result with half the effort in the process of creating a marketing website oriented.

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