Difference Between Sales And Marketing And How To Understand?

The essential difference between sales and marketing is: sales are selling products, while marketing is selling brands, and the core business capabilities of the two are also different.

Difference Between Sales And Marketing And How To Understand?

Most trainers in today's society confuse "sales" with "marketing". On the surface, they seem to be harmless to everyone; in fact, it reflects that they have not summarized and refined the business concepts and core capabilities of the two; in fact, you What you want to learn is the ideas and methods of how to execute your business, rather than listening to him share his successful business execution experience and the principles and principles of life.

The purpose of this article to analyze the difference between the two is to enable practitioners in the corresponding positions to learn and execute their respective businesses more clearly and faster. The main reason is also that most companies in today's society, in terms of company management, the corresponding responsibilities of the sales department and the marketing department are also managed separately. According to the respective characteristics of sales and marketing, this article has extracted the following four differences, which are only for you to apply in later learning and practice.

Difference Between Sales And Marketing And How To Understand?

1. The business concepts of the two are different

According to the sales research of Lishi, the so-called sales refers to the salesperson actively selling products to customers; and marketing refers to the salesperson activating customers to actively buy products. It can also be said that marketing is to create a good trading environment for the smooth development of the sales business.

Therefore, sales mean that the salesperson should actively seek out customers and recommend the value of the products sold to them, in order to help the other party solve the corresponding problems, and thus achieve the corresponding transaction behavior. Marketing is the behavior of marketers choosing certain channels, adopting certain promotion methods, and using certain copywriting or activities to inspire customers to have a sense of need for products so that customers take the initiative to purchase corresponding brand products.

It can also be said that marketers are only responsible for releasing product value information through various methods, and are not responsible for directly selling products to customers. Moreover, marketers of various types of enterprises in today’s society also perform their business in this way; therefore, when training members of the marketing department, they must Explain the execution method of the corresponding position in accordance with its workflow, so as to improve its ability and efficiency.

2. The core capabilities of the two are different

For you, when you are in the early stages of a sales or marketing-related business, you must practice the core skills of the business. Because the company will only give you a short time to execute the corresponding business, you can only master the core skills of the business in a short time, so that it is possible to obtain a certain result in a short time, so that you can stabilize your performance before you practice Related supporting skills.

The so-called core skills refer to some skills that need to be used to engage in related businesses, and that does not need to be used if you do not engage in the business.

According to the concept of core skills and combined with realm thinking, Lishi Sales has researched and obtained the core skills of sales and marketing.

When you are in the sales business, the first thing you want most is the list of potential customers; the second is the development of potential customers and the method of successfully inviting interviews; the last is to activate the communication skills and behavioral ability of customers to purchase products on the spot. It can be concluded that the core skills of sales are: the ability to analyze potential customer information, the ability to develop information about intended customers, and the ability to activate customers to purchase products.

Similarly, when you are in a marketing business, the first thing you want most is an executable marketing plan; the second is to produce marketing content according to the plan's requirements, and the last is to implement the promotion of the marketing plan. It can be concluded that the core skills of marketing are: the ability to plan marketing plans, the ability to produce marketing content, and the ability to promote marketing content.

Through the above analysis, you can clearly know the core business skills of salesmen and marketers, so when you are engaged in the corresponding position business, you can learn the above corresponding core skills in the early stage.

3. The execution capabilities of the two are different

Based on the above introduction of the core skills of the two businesses, and combined with the phenomenon of various enterprises in today's society, it can be seen that there are essential differences in the executive capabilities of the sales and marketing businesses.

Generally speaking, in terms of recruitment, the sales business's ability to salesmen is lower than the marketing business's ability to marketers. It should be said that the two businesses have different ability items for the executives.

The sales business requires strong execution, flexible thinking, patience, and willpower, and it is best to have good interpersonal skills so that you can get rich sales performance and treat the sales business as your lifelong career.

The marketing business requires strong thinking ability, innovative writing thinking, proficient computer application skills, and it is best to have peculiar human nature analysis capabilities, so as to obtain amazing marketing performance so that marketing business can be regarded as one's own Lifelong career.

4. The essential purpose of the two is different

For any company, the main purpose of the sales business is to sell products, while the main purpose of the marketing business is to enhance brand awareness; from this, it can be concluded that the essential difference between the two is that sales are selling products, while marketing is selling brand.

It’s just that for some small companies, due to limited funds and talents, they can only focus on the sales business in the early stage; it means to sell the products first, so that the company has a certain cash flow and profit, and then gradually focus on marketing. Business, thereby achieving the effect of enhancing the brand awareness of the company, thereby achieving the result of accelerating the progress of the sales business.

To sum up, the purpose of analyzing the difference between "sales" and "marketing" is to inspire salesmen and marketers to grasp the core skills of the business to practice and perform; eliminate some A salesperson engaged in sales has always thought about how to sell products through marketing. It’s not that salespersons can’t do marketing, but salespersons must perform basic sales business conditions before they can apply simple marketing methods to stimulate customers’ interest in products within their own scope, so as to facilitate their later sales business development. 

Because for some new listings and products with low frequency of use and high amount of money, it is necessary for the salesperson to contact the target customers frequently to produce the corresponding transaction behavior; and for this type of business, marketing only serves to enhance brand awareness It is difficult to achieve the result of selling products.

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