Several Common Methods Of Corporate Website Promotion

Many companies now know how to use the Internet to promote their brands and products. In layman's terms, it is to advertise. After the companies have completed their websites, they need to promote them so that more people can pay attention to you. Let's take a look at these common methods of corporate website promotion.

Several Common Methods Of Corporate Website Promotion

1. What Are The Methods And Techniques Of Corporate Website Promotion?

Corporate website promotion is very important for a company, especially for sites that have just been established and have not had much traffic. There used to be many website promotion methods, but over time, many new promotion methods have emerged. Often these new promotion methods are more effective in actual promotion operations. For any company, it is rarely possible to get rid of the network promotion, especially for some start-ups. Corporate network planning is particularly important. It is a process of two or two. Sometimes it can save you a lot of resources and costs. Then, Which promotion methods should companies choose? Corporate website promotion methods:

Using SEO to optimize corporate websites is a basic skill that every online company should have. It has been touted for a long time and is a low-cost marketing strategy. There are many search engine optimization guides on the market for reference. Of course, this method of promotion, relatively speaking, the time cost is slightly longer.

  • SEM Bidding

The common method for SEM bidding promotion is Baidu bidding ranking. In SERP, fast ranking is characterized by quick results, but it needs to have a certain amount of delivery ability, otherwise, it will consume a lot of budget for tuition in the early stage. You can browse the article we wrote before,  Which Is More Difficult SEO Or SEM? How To Choose?

  • Information Flow Promotion

At present, a relatively popular promotion method, based on the rapid development of new media platforms in the early days, the original advertising system, the current stage of the Information flow such as Google mobile phone and News portal. Advertising on these platforms requires accurate user portraits, so as to better match and increase conversion rates.

  • DSP Launch

An advertising method is rarely chosen by small and medium-sized enterprises. The early model originated from abroad. In recent years, it has become popular in China. However, the DSP market is currently mixed. If there is no extremely high discrimination ability, it is easy to enter the pit. , It is recommended that you choose a business as much as possible when choosing DSP advertising.

  • Social Media And Content Marketing

At this stage, every company creating a social media account is the same as configuring an SEO department for every company in the early years. It is conducive to the rapid spread of corporate brand promotion and is often the source of disease marketing. The common form of content-based marketing is corporate advocacy. The use of corporate advocacy can often kill two birds with one stone. One is to increase the conversion rate of products and services, and the other is to increase external links to corporate websites.

  • H5 Single Page, H5 Scene Marketing

Many websites provide H5 webpage templates for free, easy to create H5 marketing pages, to help enterprises with mobile network marketing, one-click forwarding to Line Moments, and improve customer conversion rate.

2. How To Promote The Corporate Website

Theoretically different industries, but for most small and medium-sized enterprises, it depends on a set of findable standardized paths. The usual practices are as follows:

  • Give A Marked Name

For a company, the name is a distinctive logo, which represents the brand image of the company. Usually when doing corporate marketing, everyone will choose a concise, easy-to-remember name with a special logo.

  • Corporate Image Promotion

Some people say that this is the era of the fan economy. It is not wrong to understand this from a certain angle. It benefits from the development and progress of social civilization. For this, you may need to choose an image spokesperson for the company, of course for start-ups. It is difficult to invite celebrities to take up this role, but you can try to create the image of the corporate CEO.

  • Create, Encyclopedia Entry

When you talk about corporate network planning, you can’t break away from the encyclopedia entry, which is equivalent to a business card of your company in the Internet industry and has a high weight, especially those newly launched companies, sometimes the official website is not Baidu included, so time to establish encyclopedia entries is very important.

  • Polish Products And Services

The premise of enterprise website promotion is to have high-quality products and services as the backing, otherwise, all marketing and promotion work is a castle in the air. Before going online, the product team should be carefully communicated to grasp the core needs of users and solve the pain points of users.

3. How To Promote After The Company Completes The Website

Starting from the following methods, good results will be achieved. Of course, promotion is also an important part of website optimization. So how to promote, master certain methods will achieve not good results.

  • Companies Must Have Their Own Characteristics When Making Websites, And They Should Not Be The Same.

A website is a market that a company promotes its own company on the Internet. Of course, every website is different. Different products and different website information are just the most basic performance. Of course, some websites do better, especially new ones. For the website that just started, it needs to keep pace with the times, grasp the more popular elements now, and add some new ideas and features. Such a website is more competitive than a website that has time. For the network itself, freshness is the most impactful and attractive.

  • Enterprise Website Promotion Needs To Pay Attention To The Processing Of Some Small Details-The Promotion Form Of Keywords

After all, the new website does not have a large base of netizens, so it needs to be promoted. The Internet age is developing very fast, so the speed of new websites is also very amazing. Therefore, if you want to not be overwhelmed by time and speed, you must learn to learn from each child. For example, website keywords. Keyword promotion is the simplest and most effective. Related words and keywords are the keys to search. Therefore, you only need to focus on the promotion of keywords to establish communication with the outside world, just like Simple passwords in the Internet age, website promotion, and keywords are essential methods. 

  • The Promotion Of Soft Articles On Corporate Websites Will Also Achieve Good Results.

Advertisement has always been a proper term for promotion. Of course, the form of network is hidden and there are many promotion methods. Therefore, consumers will be more disgusted with the direct door-to-door promotion or too direct promotion, especially online promotion. , A too direct method may be considered a fraud, so the use of soft text is very beneficial to the promotion of corporate websites. Network influence needs to be subtle and a sense of security can be promoted. Therefore, most of the current website promotions Will adopt this form, soft article introduction. For how to write soft articles, please refer to the article  Article Based One Way Links Website Marketing Strategies

  • The Corporate Website Needs To Combine Multiple Channels For Publicity.

There are also many ways to promote a website, not a single one. As a corporate website, there are many ways to promote it. Of course, in real life, we also know that the way of publicity uses influential publicity, which is undoubtedly The best way is for corporate websites, which can be promoted in various forms such as WeChat, Alipay, and Weibo. It is also a good way to optimize the website.

  • When Promoting The Corporate Website, You May Wish To Create Some Activities On Popular Topics.

Website promotion is important to attract attention, so in the initial promotion, you might as well create some hot topics. When propagating through various channels, use hot topics that are of interest to industry-related people as primers to increase clicks and attention.

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