Why Does SEO Need To Understand The Website

It is complementary to website construction. The purpose of website construction is to maximize drainage, and SEO is a more common way of drainage. Few websites do not need to be ranked, SEO is a ranking technology, the premise of SEO's role is to have a website.

Many students asked if you can do SEO without a website? The answer is yes. The prerequisite for SEO to work is to have a definite URL. Of course, SEO cannot be done without a website. In fact, this is also a false proposition.

Why Does SEO Need To Understand The Website

Why Does SEO Need To Understand The Website

Why Does SEO need to understand the website? Back to the topic, why does SEO need to understand the website? This article answers from four perspectives:

Many SEOs don’t understand why it is necessary to learn website construction to do SEO. After all, there are ready-made websites in many template websites that do not need to be used. Why do you have to thank you for learning website construction and build a website with source code?.

1. Website security and website controllability requirements SEO needs to understand the website. 

There are many readymade websites on the Internet, and many websites still have obvious loopholes, and template websites may be used repeatedly. The result is that templates are flooded, search engines are slow to crawl, and there is definitely no problem in displaying. There is no problem with bidding, the most important thing is to do natural ranking promotion, the effect and cycle may not be too good.

2. The low efficiency of SEO optimization 

Caused by the inability to control the website. Of course, many companies also find other website construction companies to carry out website construction, but many website construction companies basically have annual service fees, and the website is their own in addition to the domain name registration. Among them, the domain name management rights and space of the website / Server control are basically in the hands of the website building company. Of course, not all website-building companies are like this. This also leads to SEOs who have no control when they take over the website. For example, if you want to upload a file, you have to call the website building party. And then all kinds of slow down the optimization progress, and often easily lead to conflicts.

3. Understand that the website is convenient for website optimization. 

SEO knows how to make a website, which not only brings convenience to its own operation but also for SEO, when facing some problems or revisions, you can basically modify the website pages and framework according to your own intentions. The operation From the above, it is highly flexible, and when SEO has some operations on website code, it can continuously deepen SEO's understanding of website optimization. If only SEO does not code, there are still limitations in SEO's attainments in this area. After all, many things feel like "high-tech", and they may not be fun.

4. One specializes in many abilities, and many skills do not overwhelm you. 

Learning the code not only solves the cost problem of SEO optimization but also can improve my professional skills. In the process of website optimization, it is inevitable that some website deficiencies and adjustments will be found. Basically, looking for templates, there is no after-sales service. 

Service, you have to spend money if you don’t find a friend. If you find a website building company, basically there will be no brothers, only to hurt the money, but in a word, although SEO does not need to have web design, PS skills in website design, However, basic site construction and imitation sites are still as good as possible.

If SEO feels that learning to code is a bit annoying, then you must at least have a certain degree of cognitive ability about the code. Don’t be like English. It can understand you, but you can’t understand him. This topic is really sad. The standard of SEO has dropped again. Fundamentally speaking, imitation site technology is worth having. 

After all, in the process of website optimization, when comparing with competitors, you will encounter the opponent’s website settings. The page settings are better than yours. Others’ website layout ideas are very good, but they don’t have the skills to make web pages and modify web pages, so they are embarrassed. In general, if a website is blocked, changing a template can still speed up the chances of inclusion and ranking. In short Speaking of which, the webmaster possesses site-building technology, basically, only the benefits are not the disadvantages.

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